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7 Reasons Why Everyone in your Organization Should be on ConnectVA

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We’ve written before about how to request membership to your organization, but now we’ve got several reasons why your team should make it a top priority:

  1. Break down the silos – With multiple member-administrators, everyone has the opportunity to be “in the know” about what’s being posted on behalf of your organization, and anyone can make changes. For example, if someone is out sick, and you need to edit an event or job post, you need not wait until he/she returns or sign-in using their email and password; you can make the change yourself with your own account (using your email and your own password) that’s also attached to the organization.
  2. Development Staff – Get your annual events on the ConnectVA Community Calendar early, and stake your claim. Be the first to know about grants and funding opportunities by subscribing to the Community Discussion Forum (click subscribe at the top of the forum). Post in-kind donations needed in the Item Exchange.
  3. Human Resources Professionals – This one may be obvious – since the Job Finder is our most popular feature – but if you’re responsible for recruitment at your organization, you should definitely be registered on ConnectVA. As a member-administrator of your organization, you can post jobs, internships, and RFPs easily, for the low cost of $55 per listing for 30 days.  You can also look out for Professional Development opportunities for staff through the ConnectVA Community Calendar by searching under “Professional Training”.
  4. Interns – Help keep your organization’s listing current, and gain access to ConnectVA’s daily and weekly update e-mails to learn more about the nonprofit sector. Check out our Community Calendar for upcoming free and low cost webinars and classes to gain new skills.
  5. Marketing/Communications Specialists – Share your news and announcements, like a press release, in the Community Discussion Forum or ask a question in specialty forums like Communications and Marketing. Need to hire a graphic designer for a special project? Post an RFP in our Job Finder.
  6. Executive Directors – Looking for opportunities to collaborate with your peers? Register and complete your Member profile, to make yourself accessible to other nonprofit leaders. Looking for a new space for your nonprofit or moving and want to give office items to another organization? Check out the Item Exchange.  Looking for a consultant to help with Strategic Planning? Post an RFP in our Job Finder.
  7. Smooth transition when someone departs – Having more than one member-administrator of your organization listing makes it much easier to maintain when someone leaves. If your only member-administrator has left and you need assistance with getting your listing updated, contact us at info@connectva.org.

This is just a short list of the many different ways that different staff members can take advantage of the resources and tools on ConnectVA!

How do I get started? 

Step 1 – Register or log in to ConnectVA (scroll down to the middle of the home page)

Step 2 – Log in and find your organization listing in the Organization Directory. Click on your organization name.

Step 3 – Locate the Request Membership tab and click on it. Enter your comments and click on Send Request.

Step 4 – All current member-administrators will receive an e-mail with your request, and any current member can approve it.

Voila – you are now a member-administrator of your organization!

If your organization is not listed on ConnectVA, once you’ve registered and signed in, click on Add Organization or Business Profile from your dashboard and apply for a listing. The ConnectVA team will review and approve it.

Businesses can take advantage of this too! If you have a Business Network listing on ConnectVA, ask other members of your team to register for a ConnectVA account and request membership to your business. They’ll be the first to know about hot topics in the sector, and can help you maintain your listing.


Want more tips on using ConnectVA 2.0?  Read how to:

Not registered on ConnectVA? Click here to get started.

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