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Benefits of an Organization Profile


Through the Nonprofit Directory, the Community Foundation is pleased to highlight the many community organizations providing important programs and services in the Greater Richmond region or the Northern Neck/Middle Peninsula. Your listing is free and allows your organization to:

  • Become part of the largest searchable database of nonprofits serving the Richmond region;
  • Access and post job/RFP listings, community events, items needed/available, announcements and other relevant information
  • Connect with other organization and leaders working with similar issues, populations or service areas;
  • Inspire and engage individuals who wish to give back by providing additional insight and transparency into your organization.

The Nonprofit Directory showcases both Standard and Enhanced Directory Profiles.  See the below FAQ for more information.


To get started SEARCH to see if your organization already exists in our database using your Organization Name and/or EIN
  • If your organization DOES NOT EXIST
    • 1) Check your eligibility for a Standard or Enhanced profile
    • 2) Submit the information requested and wait for approval from the ConnectVA administrator
  • If your organization DOES EXIST do not create a duplicate organization profile. Instead, you should request to become an admin of the existing profile.  Once you are an admin, you can make changes to profile information and post (jobs/RFP’s, items, announcements, events etc.) on behalf of the organization.  We encourage multiple admins per organization profile.
    • 1) Click on your organization name that was populated from the search box to reach your current profile
    • 2) Click on “Request Membership” and add any comments to send with your request
    • 3) Click “Send Request” and an email will be sent to the current admins of your organization for approval

If there are no current admins for your organization or the current admins are outdatedcontact us and we can assist you.


What is a Standard profile?

A standard profile includes an overview of the organization, including a general description, contact information, mission, classification, location and key programs.  It allows an organization to post jobs, events, items needed or available, and more.

Which organizations are eligible for a Standard profile?

A standard profile can be created by any nonprofit or government entity in Virginia. A profile is required to post jobs, events, items needed or available or announcements by the organization.

What is an Enhanced profile?

An enhanced profile is similar to a GiveRichmond portrait and includes more detailed information in categories such as Leadership, Financials and Programs. You may also include pictures and videos associated with your mission. As with the standard profile, organizations with enhanced profiles may also post jobs, events, items needed or available and announcements by the organization.

Which organizations are eligible for an Enhanced profile?

Organizations may voluntarily upgrade to a free Enhanced profile if they meet the following criteria:

  • 501(c)(3) organization that is required to file a Form 990 by the IRS
  • Located in, or provide significant support to, the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond’s service area. This includes our affiliate service area covering specific counties in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck. See details

Is the Enhanced profile required for Community Foundation grantees?

  • An enhanced profile will be required for all organizations who wish to submit an application for a competitive grant program managed by the Community Foundation. Please check with other local funders, as some will also require an Enhanced profile.