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Self Advocacy for Young Nonprofit Professionals

YNPN RVA hosted “Knowing Your Worth: Self-Advocacy for Young Nonprofit Professionals” this past Monday at the Community Foundation. We had the pleasure of having three well-versed non-profit leaders deliver a panel discussion answering YNPN RVA members and non-members questions around topics like salary negotiations, skills that are desired of a nonprofit professional, how to maintain a work-life balance and other very relevant advice!

The panel was represented diverse perspectives, and included Shantell Chambliss, Executive Director of Dress for Success, Whitney Fogg, HR Director for Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation and Alan Delbridge, Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator for the Enrichmond Foundation.

Here are some key take-aways from the event:

Salary Negotiations:


Desired Skills for Nonprofit Professionals:

  • General writing/communication – a dying skill set with the advent and growth of social media and a critical need for storytelling within organizations
  • Don’t adapt-impact: when you walk into a room, be yourself, don’t mold to your audience
  • A servant’s heart – genuinely care about the mission of the nonprofit you are at or want to be at
  • Comfortability with all audiences


Work-Life Balance:

  • Change the culture – There are 6 different generations in the workplace right now and someone at yours set the precedent of what work-life balance looks like
  • Speak up when burn-out occurs
  • Log those hours off the clock mindlessly answering emails
  • Nonprofit professionals are expected to wear a lot of hats – it’s okay to take one off sometimes


Panel Advice:

  • Never stop learning to add value to your worth
  • Show up – volunteer at that event; help raise money during the annual fundraising campaign, even if you’re not in development
  • Align Professional Development opportunities with company goals – ask for your organization to cover the cost of these if a raise/promotion isn’t an option
  • Sometimes the budget just won’t be there – negotiate PTO or paid Professional Development opportunities
  • Master the art of “bull****” – have confidence even when you don’t know
  • Change the narrative within our society – nonprofit professionals work just as hard as a for-profit professional and we must advocate for our sector and our worth

Want more YNPN RVA learning opportunities?  Become a 2019 member and join us at our May Articles Club meet up for members only on May 21st at Chairlift and in June for our next professional development event centered around Diversity and Inclusion (registration opens soon).

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YNPN RVA Member Highlight: Morgan Carey, Venture Richmond

Each month, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA) will be sharing highlights of their members.  If you’d like to become a member of YNPN RVA or learn more about our upcoming events for 2019, go here.

Name: Morgan Carey

Job Title: Marketing Coordinator

Company: Venture Richmond

Why did you join YNPN and when?

I joined earlier this year because I wanted to meet like-minded people in my community who understand what it feels like to want to create meaningful change through meaningful work.

What is your career background?

Advertising, I’ve worked in agencies in New York City and Atlanta

What are your career goals?

Placemaker, Writer & Advocate for connection and anti-loneliness

Why do you do what you do?

The most special thing we have in life is each other, I want to create opportunities for people to meet and experience moments together.

Favorite thing to do in Richmond?

Take my dog, Pablo for walks on the Floodwall, playing Street Fighter at Circuit Arcade Bar & enjoying local festivals with friends.

If you were to take over the YNPN Instagram page for a day, what would you show us?

My favorite parts of Richmond, the hidden gems of downtown & things that I’d love to see in Richmond in the future

What else should we know about you?

Fun facts: I’m addicted to the true crime podcast “My Favorite Murder,” tacos are my one true love, I think walks can cure about anything, I went on a solo road trip last summer for 10 days starting in Seattle and ending in Santa Monica, I always find my way back to Richmond, I love parks and finding art in public spaces and I love to volunteer throughout the city.

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YNPN RVA Member Highlight: Tim Nuthall, Richmond Public Schools

Each month, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA) will be sharing highlights of their members.  If you’d like to become a member of YNPN RVA for 2019, go here.

Name: Tim Nuthall

Job Title: Multimedia Design Specialist

Company: Richmond Public Schools

Why did you join YNPN RVA and when? I joined last month, after attending a few social events throughout the years. I joined to connect with others who want to make changes for the community we live in.

What is your career background?  6 years Television Production & IT Engineering. 4 years Digital Content Creation, Strategy, Design, Development, and Business Management. 15 years Photography

What are your career goals?  Have my own creative business. Use my talents to help others, share their story, and achieve their dreams.

Why do you do what you do?  I do what I do, because I want to leave people places and things better than I found them.

Favorite thing to do in Richmond?  The food and beer, isn’t that what we all are here for anyway?  Just kidding, how about exploring everything and anything this vibrant community has to offer? Yep, that’s pretty much it.

If you were to take over the YNPN RVA Instagram page for a day, what would you show us?  Hmmmm. You know what would be cool? Storytelling YNPNers in their natural habitats! Series of pictures with a write up showcasing some of us movers and shakers.

What else should we know about you?  I’m here to help. Anything you need. Just ask!

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Five Tips to Own Your Personal Brand

YNPN RVA’s March professional development workshop focused on building your personal brand. Mariah Williams and Sarah Milston of The Spark Mill shared their own personal brand journeys and explained how and why your personal brand affects your career. We left the session with a better understanding of what our brand is and practical steps for how to build it.

Your personal brand should be authentic and consistent whether you’re in a casual or professional setting and reflect your core values. But once you understand what you want your personal brand to be, how do you practice representing your brand every day?

Here are five tips to help you own your personal brand:

  1. It Starts with How You Show Up

Represent your personal brand from the minute you walk in the door of your company, a volunteer opportunity, or social gathering. If your brand is detail-oriented, you should be punctual. If you consider yourself to be outgoing, you should be going out of your way to greet everyone in the space.

  1. Dress the Part

Always dress appropriately for an event or situation, but don’t wear clothes that aren’t authentic to you. There are more ways to dress professionally than a dark suit with a white shirt and dark shoes. If that doesn’t fit your personality, don’t wear that.

  1. Choose On-Brand Volunteer Activities

Focus your volunteer activities on organizations that do work your passionate about and tackle issues you talk about all the time. Don’t worry about how well-known they are or who else volunteers there.

  1. Stay On Message on Social Media

Think about how you want to showcase and promote you brand when you choose what social media platforms to be active on and what to post. Remember what you post on social media is almost always public. You don’t have to be all business all the time, but you should always be proud of what you’re putting out there.

  1. What You Do in Your Free Time Counts Too

You know you’re truly projecting an authentic brand in your personal and professional life when your personal and social activities and priorities reflect the same values you exhibit in your career and volunteer activities.

Building your personal brand is a process and takes some time. But if you’re intentional and true to your values, you will succeed.

Thanks again to The Spark Mill for hosting this workshop.  In May we hope you’ll join us for a panel discussion on May 13th – Knowing Your Worth: Self-Advocacy for Young Nonprofit Professionals and our first ever Member Only Article Club Coffee Meet Up on May 21st – this month’s read and conversation is on Valuing Diversity Within Organizations!

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Jenkins Foundation Gives $940,000 to RVA Health Organizations

The Jenkins Foundation is pleased to announce support of 16 local nonprofits with $940,000 during their spring cycle. This includes multi-year support to CARITAS for the Healing Place for Men and Women and the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood for their East End clinic.

The Jenkins Foundation is focused on providing equitable access to primary care and mental health care services, as well as preventing and treating substance use disorders in the Richmond region. The result is a more efficient health care delivery system and a safer, healthier and more productive Greater Richmond community.

New 2019 Jenkins Board Members Susan Davis,retired Sr. VP of Community Engagement at the Community Foundation; Nadine Marsh-Carter, CEO of Children’s Home Society; and Connie Pechura, Ph.D., retired executive director of the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia.

Below are the grant recipients and descriptions:

Access to Primary Health Care

Access Now, Inc. 
$40,000 to provide specialty medical care to the uninsured.

Better Housing Coalition 
$40,000 to support medical case management and access to health education for elders who wish to remain independent in their homes.

Daily Planet Health Services 
$50,000 to support Medical Respite staff in providing quality healthcare to vulnerable homeless individuals.

Family Lifeline
$50,000 to support the Early Childhood Development Initiative.

Richmond Behavioral Health Foundation 
$50,000 to fund a second Health Educator position in the Richmond Integrated Community Health Clinic.

Virginia Dental Association Foundation
$25,000 to provide case management for Donated Dental Services and assist the coordination of free dental clinics.

Virginia League for Planned Parenthood
$100,000 for capital for the East End clinic. (First year of a 3-year, $500,000 grant.)


Access to Mental Health Care

Chesterfield CASA
$20,000 to support the training and supervision of volunteer child advocates.

$50,000 to help children build resilience to trauma by providing access to outpatient Mental Health (MHS) and Immediate Response (IR) services.

Greater Richmond SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) Inc. 
$50,000 to provide intensive, trauma-focused mental health treatment for children and caregivers.

Henrico CASA
$20,000 to support training for at least 20 new volunteer advocates to serve abused or neglected children.

Medical College of Virginia Foundation
$50,000 to support family navigation services that connect families to mental health services in Virginia.

St. Joseph’s Villa
$30,000 to implement and evaluate new Trauma-Informed Care efforts.

Virginia Home for Boys and Girls
$10,000 to support free, monthly Youth Mental Health First Aid Workshops.

YWCA of Richmond
$50,000 to support mental health services intake for survivors of intimate partner violence.

Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

$250,000 for capital costs associated with the Healing Place for Women. (Final year of a 4-year, $1 million grant.)

$50,000 for operating support for the Healing Place for Men. (Second year of a 3-year, $150,000 grant.)

About the Jenkins Foundation:  The Jenkins Foundation is a supporting organization of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond whose mission is to improve the health of Greater Richmond through strategic and impactful philanthropy. Formed in 1995 following the sale of Retreat Hospital, the Jenkins Foundation honors the legacy of the hospital’s founder Annabella Jenkins, who was committed to providing compassionate care for the medically underserved. Today grant making and leadership efforts are focused on health care services, working collaboratively with philanthropic partners and learning with local health organizations.  Since inception, the Jenkins Foundation has awarded over $37 million in grants to local organizations. http://jenkinsfoundation-va.org/

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Have a Junior Board? Share With Us and Join Our Discussion Group

The Community Foundation is convening nonprofit staff and board leaders for local emerging leader/junior/young professional boards in Greater Richmond.  We will convene individuals who oversee their organization’s YP boards to network and share best practices.   We know this is a growing need, as the sector evolves, and nonprofits seek to engage a wide variety of individuals in their mission.

In order to organize a periodic convening and discussion group, we need updated contact information and are asking that local nonprofits with these junior or young professional boards fill out the survey below to help us frame this opportunity.

Please fill out this short, 9 question survey by April 30th! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JuniorBoardSurveyCF2019

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Free Legal Clinic for Nonprofits

Meet with a team of volunteers who will review and revise your anti-harassment & non-discrimination policies.

In the era of the #MeToo movement, it is more important than ever that organizations have effective policies to address workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  Every organization should have updated policies on these topics to ensure employees understand the standard of workplace conduct and the organization’s procedures for addressing violations.

This free legal clinic offers nonprofits the opportunity to receive a review of their anti-harassment and nondiscrimination policies, or to have new policies drafted by pro bono volunteers.  After participating in the clinic, nonprofits will leave the clinic with updated or new policies.

The clinic will be hosted by Corporate Pro Bono, the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation, Capital One & McGuireWoods, on Thursday, May 2, 2019 from 10:15 am to 1pm.  If selected, your organization will be matched with a team of attorney volunteers who will review and revise your anti-harassment & non-discrimination policies.  To register, you must complete and submit the online Intake Form found here or before April 11th at 5pm.

Should your organization be selected for participation in the clinic, your Executive Director, Board Chair, or other senior staff or Board Member responsible for governing or managing your organization must be able to participate in the clinic. If your organization does not qualify to participate, we may be able to offer you information about organizations in the Virginia area that may be able to give you the assistance you need.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, contact Alison Roussy, Director of Administration at aroussy@grbf.org.

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Recognizing the Power of Good in RVA for National Volunteer Week

Honor a person in 20 words or less and celebrate them with us at a special event

HandsOn Greater Richmond and The Spark Mill are accepting submissions through April 8th from the public about the people who are “powering good” in our community.  In its 6th year, this annual recognition and celebration commemorates National Volunteer Week and is a local platform to thank those who give back.

The submission process is simple, only requiring you to share “in 20 words or less” how a person “powers good in our community.” This could be a volunteer, a neighbor, a colleague, a family member or friend, and there is no limit for how many people you can recognize. Submissions are open until April 8th.

Then, the people who have been submitted will be notified (it’s anonymous) and recognized at the “Power of Good” party on May 22nd in Scott’s Addition. At the celebration, those people, the organizations they work with, and the community will come together over food, drinks, and fun.

Below are all the different ways one can engage in the “Power of Good”:

Recognize: Tell us, in 20 words or less, who you know who powers good in the Richmond region. It could be a volunteer, your neighbor, a colleague, a family member or friend. You can submit as many names as you’d like by April 8th.

Celebrate: Join us at the party in their honor on Wednesday, May 22, 4:30-6:30pm, in Scott’s Addition (details coming soon) where we will recognize and meet up with honorees, community organizations, and neighbors over food, drinks, and fun. Free, but tickets are required (registration coming soon).

Publicize: Submit your volunteer recognition event, award, or campaign for us to share.

Resources: Access volunteer recognition best practices and tools.

Map: See where all the good work is being done in our region.

Visit https://powerofgoodrva.org  to submit a name(s) and to RSVP for the party (coming soon).

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YNPN RVA Member Highlight: Wad Khalafalla, Spread the Vote

Each month, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA) will be sharing highlights of their members.  If you’d like to become a member of YNPN RVA for 2019, go here.

Name: Wad Khalafalla

Job Title: Deputy State Director

Organization: Spread the Vote 

Why did you join YNPN RVA and when?

I joined YNPN RVA in 2019 to expand my network, meet people with similar views, and for career development opportunities.

What is your career background?

My background spans from working with a U.S. Congressional Delegation to  local governments and nonprofits. The majority of my work has been centered around communications, but I also enjoyed my time as an Operations Manager and Strategic Business Consultant. I was recently promoted from Field Organizer to Deputy State Director at Spread the Vote.

What are your career goals?

How does one answer this question? To impact masses. To live freely. To create sustainable change.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love helping people. I believe in standing up for injustice, and it doesn’t hurt that I get to create my own schedule.

Favorite thing to do in Richmond?

Go to Tuesday Verses, a local open mic night! The crowd is beautiful, the energy is light, the space is healing.

If you were to take over the YNPN RVA Instagram page for a day, what would you show us?

The wonderful work my organization is doing. Then there would probably be a food tour, most definitely a food tour.

What else should we know about you?
I’m a Black Sudanese-American Immigrant Muslim Woman. I am the crux of intersectionality. I love to travel and have a travel blog (www.wanderlustwad.com). IG: @wanderlustwad

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YNPN RVA Event Recap: Goal Setting and Planning Workshop with Elaine Kiziah

Maintaining balance and setting manageable goals guides a lot of Elaine Kiziah’s work. Dr. Elaine Kiziah is the founder and principal consultant for See Change Studio, where she specializes in “Eliminating Overwhelm”.

Elaine shared her strategies for setting and achieving manageable goals to help busy nonprofit professionals at the YNPN RVA Goal Setting and Planning Workshop at the Community Foundation on February 27.  It was a full room of many eager professionals, hoping to stick to their 2019 goals.

This workshop is part of an ongoing series hosted by the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA) to help young nonprofit professionals build their brand, network and career in the RVA nonprofit sector.

Lessons Learned about Planning and Goal Setting:

Elaine guided the group through her 10 Strategies for Realizing Your Vision. She opened with a journaling prompt that asked “How do you feel about your goal? What Makes you Happy?”, where the audience ruminated on the things that bring joy to their life. She encouraged the group to follow that happiness and let it guide your goals.

She provided the group with 10 Useful Strategies for Realizing Your Vision:

  1.    Stay (Emotionally) Connected to Your “Why”
  2.    Set Achievable Goals
  3.    Narrow Your Focus
  4.    Adopt a Learning Orientation
  5.    Create Accountability (or Not)
  6.    Motivate Yourself with Pleasure, Fun, & Joy
  7.    Build Supportive Routines
  8.    Schedule Your Priorities
  9.    Design Your Environment
  10.    Use Reliable Task Management System

Elaine closed the session by giving the group time to go around the room and meet the other nonprofit professionals to share their goals and the strategies that most resonated with them.

Upcoming Event:

YNPN RVA’s next big event is Building Your Personal Brand 101 with the Spark Mill on March 26, 2019 at 12-1:30 p.m. at Community Foundation. Join us at this workshop, where you will hear from two local leaders on their own brand journeys (and pitfalls!) and how and why it affects your job.  You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of what your brand is and practical steps for how to build it. There will also be time to network with other young nonprofit professionals. You can register here.

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