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Campaign Closeup: $5k for RVA

The Better Housing Coalition (BHC), a non-profit community development corporation, transforms communities through high-quality, eco-friendly affordable housing. They offer social services that help residents become more self-reliant, seek higher education and age in place. Their portfolio includes 16 residential communities – 8 for lower-income seniors – as well as 180 single-family homes for low- to moderate-income first-time buyers. BHC is known for the many collaborative partnerships they’ve created with financial and commercial organizations, public agencies, other non-profits, private individuals, grassroots community leaders, and builders and developers in order to scale and manage their mission of revitalizing the community.

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Campaign Closeup: The Amazing Dream

ART 180 gives local youth living in challenging circumstances, like poverty, the threat of violent crime and substance abuse, the chance to express themselves through art, and to share their stories with others. Partnering with other organizations that serve young people, ART 180 designs projects that allow for self-expression, and creates venues for this expression in the community. The name reflects their vision of turning lives and communities around 180 degrees. ART 180 also operates Atlas, an art center for teens and gallery space for young people in Jackson Ward. From September 26th to 30th – ART 180 held a grass-roots campaign called “The Amazing Dream”, with a goal of raising $7,500, leveraging matching gift donations for each day of the campaign, and showcasing stories of teen leaders in their programs. The theme for the campaign was the “ART 180 universe” and dollars raised would help support over 30 programs and 350 youth the organization serves each year.

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Campaign Closeup: Close The Gap

Over the course of four days – from September 26th to 29th – Shalom Farms held an online giving event called “Close the Gap”, with a goal of raising $20,000. The slogan for the campaign was “closing the healthy food gap, together” and Shalom conveyed that “all funds raised during the event will go to directly to our goal of providing over 400,000 servings of fresh produce along with nutrition resources, food-skills education and support to over 7,000 people. The Nutrition Distribution Network, Prescription Produce Plan, Youth Run Farm Stand, Healthy Corner Store Initiative and Community Mobile Market are all made possible by these donations.” They ended up surpassing the $20,000 goal and reached over $36,000 in donations from 182 gifts. We caught up with Shalom Farms, who gave us more insight into their campaign.

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Campaign Closeup: The Amazing Praise

On September 13th four local Christian nonprofits held The Amazing Praise – a 48-hour online giving event with a goal of raising $100k. Participants included Boaz & Ruth, Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (RCLI), Sweet Monday and Youth Life Foundation of Richmond. The four organizations had individual goals based on their previous success in the Amazing Raise; RCLI - $55k, Youth Life Foundation - $20k, Sweet Monday - $12.5k and Boaz & Ruth - $12.5k. The online giving event ended up bringing in $55.5k.

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