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2018 Course Catalog is Live: What You Need to Know

The wait is over. You may now register for classes scheduled for the early part of 2018. Before you get started, we hope you will read this blog to better understand our philosophy and values, as well as some new elements of our programming. We hope you share our excitement for the year ahead and we look forward to seeing you soon. Continuous Learning In 1998, The Community Foundation was a co-collaborator and co-investor in the creation of Especially for Nonprofits, a program designed to meet the unique professional development needs of our local nonprofit sector. It quickly became an important resource for those working for, or on behalf of, community based organizations. Over the years, the program has evolved – in name, content and format – in response to changing dynamics in our community, as well as input and insight from course participants, nonprofit leaders and education professionals. What remains consistent is our belief that strong, skilled leaders – regardless of position or tenure – are essential in building strong, sustainable organizations and a healthy, thriving community. We will continue to help nonprofit staff, boards and volunteers build knowledge and skills through affordable, high quality learning events. Through diverse programming and partnerships, the sector can bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to its mission-driven work.

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Nonprofits Merge to Create Families Forward Virginia

Recently, Prevent Child Abuse Virginia, CHIP of Virginia and Early Impact Virginia merged to form a new 501(c)(3) organization, Families Forward. Families Forward is now Virginia’s leading organization dedicated to disrupting the cycle of child abuse, neglect and poverty. The organization will provide statewide leadership and unified support for 50+ Virginia affiliates through evidence-based and multi-generational prevention strategies.

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News from the Community: Updates from the Capital Region Collaborative

On Friday March 10th, The Capital Region Collaborative (CRC) shared important updates to their regional work in a community-wide meeting. A captive audience listened intently as CRC Organizers, elected officials, local nonprofit leaders and even the Mayor of Richmond, Levar Stoney, discussed the “shared vision for our region” and the ways that our community must work together, across sectors, to achieve this goal.

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Collaboration at Work: Goodwill Suit Drive, JA Finance Park and YMCA After School Achievement Gap Program

The Capital Regional Collaborative (CRC) recently shared stories of regional collaboration where projects, programs and initiatives are happening across sectors in order to amplify impact in our community! For those who aren’t familiar - the Capital Region Collaborative is a collaborative effort between government, business, and the community to identify and implement regional priorities (read our earlier post about the CRC Priority Areas) that will enhance the quality of life in the Richmond Region. The CRC is a joint initiative between the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and Richmond Regional Planning District Commission. Read on for great examples of regional collaboration from local nonprofits!

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