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Free Legal Clinic for Nonprofits

Meet with a team of volunteers who will review and revise your anti-harassment & non-discrimination policies.

In the era of the #MeToo movement, it is more important than ever that organizations have effective policies to address workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  Every organization should have updated policies on these topics to ensure employees understand the standard of workplace conduct and the organization’s procedures for addressing violations.

This free legal clinic offers nonprofits the opportunity to receive a review of their anti-harassment and nondiscrimination policies, or to have new policies drafted by pro bono volunteers.  After participating in the clinic, nonprofits will leave the clinic with updated or new policies.

The clinic will be hosted by Corporate Pro Bono, the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation, Capital One & McGuireWoods, on Thursday, May 2, 2019 from 10:15 am to 1pm.  If selected, your organization will be matched with a team of attorney volunteers who will review and revise your anti-harassment & non-discrimination policies.  To register, you must complete and submit the online Intake Form found here or before April 11th at 5pm.

Should your organization be selected for participation in the clinic, your Executive Director, Board Chair, or other senior staff or Board Member responsible for governing or managing your organization must be able to participate in the clinic. If your organization does not qualify to participate, we may be able to offer you information about organizations in the Virginia area that may be able to give you the assistance you need.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, contact Alison Roussy, Director of Administration at aroussy@grbf.org.

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From an Expert: It’s Better to See it Coming…Steps to a Better Budget

It's better to see it coming. How else will you know to avoid disaster? Maybe you can even take advantage of some unexpected benefits? But remember, it's all about budgeting! Budgeting, or business planning, is more than an activity designed to make your life miserable; it is more than a process that causes you to hate seeing numbers.…

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Social Media for Nonprofits Conference Close-up: Jennifer Curtis, CarMax

Learn about Jennifer Curtis of CarMax and Intergenerational Views on Social Technologies panelist at ConnectVA's upcoming 2013 Social Media for Nonprofits Conference - Engaging Your Audience: From Boomers to Millennials (and Beyond), hosted by Community Idea Stations | WCVE. What does engaging your audience mean to you? To me, it means using research to truly understand who your audience is, what…

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Resources You Can Use for Great Nonprofit Marketing

Check out these tips for great nonprofit marketing: 1. Have a strategy before you start. For everything that you need to consider when developing marketing materials, read Numa Communications' easy-to-use Nonprofit Publications That Get Results. 2. Consider your audience. Make sure you are reaching and appealing to the people you want to attract. For advice on…

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Resources Your Can Use for Managing Change in Your Nonprofit

Every organization faces challenges. Some are easy to resolve and others require profound organizational change. You can use these resources from IdeaEncore and 4Good (which power ConnectVA's KnowledgeCenter) to help ease your nonprofit through organization-wide change.  For any type of change in your organization, big or small, have a plan to make sure that goals are clear…

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Lights, Camera, Amazing Raise!

The Amazing Raise officially kicks off tomorrow morning at 6am and runs through 6pm Thursday evening. While the donations have yet to start rolling in, some nonprofits have already become the recipients of several pre-event prizes: Go Viral! Video Prize - Comfort Zone Camp received $1500 as the most popular Amazing Raise video based on reach…

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Tip of the Week: Programs & Services and the Health & Human Services Directory

In addition to jobs, events and items, registered organizations can post their programs and services through their organization profile. This allows you to keep the description of your organization concise while helping visitors easily find specific programs and services you offer through ConnectVA's friendly search options. If you work for a nonprofit or public agency…

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