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YNPN RVA Event Recap: Nonprofits@Noon with Elizabeth Bass

Leadership. Service. Community. A commitment to those three themes has motivated Elizabeth Bass, Executive Director at Virginia Mentoring Partnership, throughout her nonprofit career and continues to drive her today.

Elizabeth shared the challenges and opportunities she has experienced in her professional and personal life, along with some valuable advice, to a group of young nonprofit professionals at the Virginia Holocaust Museum on Sept. 12, as a part of a series called “Nonprofits@Noon.”

What is Nonprofits@Noon?

This professional development deep dive on “Nonprofit Career Journeys” is offered through the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA). Attendees experience an informative and insightful talk and discussion about building a career in the nonprofit field and have the chance to network with other YPs at each event.

Lessons learned in the nonprofit field:

Elizabeth addressed several pain points when working in the nonprofit field: How do you find motivation to stay in the nonprofit sector during a difficult transition? How do you find motivation when there’s not a lot of vertical growth?

Experiencing these situations in her own career, Elizabeth found a fun way to offer advice by putting together “Nonprofit Professional Survival Kits” with little items attached to pieces of advice/mantras. Check out the list:

  • A rubber band: Be flexible – even when you are stretched to your limits.
  • Band aid: Sometimes you need to heal problems or hurt feelings.
  • Bubble gum: Stick to your principles, even when things get hard.
  • Starburst: Sometimes you need a burst of energy!
  • Clothespin: Hold it together!
  • Matchbook: When you are feeling burnt out, find something to light your fire.
  • Snickers: Don’t forget to laugh!
  • Puzzle piece: You are an important piece of your organization.

Marketable skills to develop in nonprofit work

Looking to advance your career? Check out Elizabeth’s list of skills to develop, which will ensure your success as a future nonprofit leader:

  • Ability to understand the budget – Revenue and expenses, being able to read a balance sheet and understanding profit & loss and how to make projections
  • Understanding logic model and theories of change and being able to talk about measurable outcomes
  • Supervisory experience – Could include other staff, interns or volunteers. Understand what you liked and didn’t like in supervisors you have had and be able to articulate that.
  • Join boards, civic organizations and networks like YNPN. They can give you insight on what a high-functioning board looks like in a nonprofit.
  • Grantwriting experience and understanding of fundraising lingo. Being a part of a culture of philanthropy and being able to ask relevant questions to your fundraising team.

YNPN RVA’s next big event is its Great Nonprofit Awards on November 7, 5:30-7:30 p.m. @ The Hippodrome Speakeasy. YNPN RVA will honor nonprofit organizations and staff members making an impact in the community in three categories: Rising Star, Great Nonprofit Boss and Outstanding Organization.

Nominations are currently being accepted and are due by Friday, September 28th. Nominate a special person or organization today!

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Event Recap: Nonprofits@Noon with Katie Botha

In June, a crowd of young nonprofit professionals gathered at the Virginia Holocaust Museum to hear Katie Botha, Vice President of Development & Communications at Special Olympics, share about her career journey at YNPN RVA’s Nonprofits@Noon event.

What is Nonprofits@Noon?

This professional development deep dive on “Nonprofit Career Journeys” is offered through the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA). Attendees experience informative and insightful talk and discussion about building a career in the nonprofit field and have the chance to network with a broad range of nonprofit YPs at each event.

What did Katie have to say about leadership?

Katie brought along her dad to the event to share about the leadership model he has exemplified in her life. Katie’s dad is a retired high school principal who led his staff, teachers and students with an attitude of love. Katie’s dad has influenced her personal leadership style as she deeply values relationships with her colleagues. She explained that you must know the needs of your colleagues (especially those you manage) to build solid relationships – this is a process that takes time, clarity and trust.

She also talked about the importance of passing on responsibilities to the next generation. If managers build relationships of trust with their colleagues, those they supervise will be grateful. Katie noted that not only is it important to give other people a shot at a project or a new responsibility, but we must also recognize and take the shots that are given to us!

Lessons learned in the nonprofit field:

  • To get promoted, you have to ASK. Katie shared that from experience she’s learned hard work and proactive engagement speak volumes about work ethic and determination. Sometimes those things aren’t enough to get a promotion – you have to ask for it! Building a strong relationship with your manager helps build trust and provides opportunities for discussions about advancement within the workplace.
  • Reinvent yourself! This tip is especially true in the nonprofit sector because we’re often wearing so many different hats. A few years ago, Katie was awarded a Stettinius Award for Nonprofit Leadership through the Community Foundation. With her grant award she was able to receive credits toward a graduate degree in human resources. At the time, Special Olympics did not have a formal human resources employee, so Katie started adding those responsibilities to her role. This opened the door for her to work with other people and the work really interested and challenged her.
  • Sometimes it’s good to do things that terrify you. Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is usually a sign of growth. It’s important to have trusted mentors in your life who can check-in with you and make sure you’re stretching yourself. Katie’s advice? Surround yourself with people who will be real with you and tell you the truth (even when it’s hard to hear).

Stay tuned for the next Nonprofits at Noon event on September 12th with Elizabeth Bass, Executive Director of Virginia Mentoring Partnership!  Registration opening soon!

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Get to Know YNPN RVA’s Leadership Team 2018

Meet the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA) Leadership Team and Committees for 2018! You may have seen our “introduction” posts on social media with the hashtag #MeetYNPNRVA2018 – here is the full list of our teams and some of our favorite things!  All illustrations were created by Erica Mendez Babcock.

For those unfamiliar, YNPN RVA is the region’s local YNPN chapter focused on engaging and supporting future nonprofit and community leaders through professional development, networking and social opportunities that are designed for young people involved in the nonprofit community.  The YNPN RVA Leadership Team drives programming, communication and membership for the network, led by an Executive Team.

If you’re interested in joining YNPN RVA as a member in 2018,  check out our affordable membership rates and all the benefits that come with it!

You can expect monthly opportunities to learn, connect and socialize through our lunch time career advancement series “Nonprofits at Noon”, panel discussions on hot topics, facilitated discussions from professionals in the field, opportunities to meet seasoned nonprofit professionals, social opportunities at the coolest bars and breweries in RVA and Signature Celebration Events, like our “Great Nonprofit Bosses” recognition event in November.

RSVP to our first event of the year – the 2018 Nonprofit YP Kickoff Social at the Veil Brewing Company in Scott’s Addition and get to know all of the incredible young nonprofit professionals in our network!

Executive Team

Board Chair: Laura Pilati, Volunteer and Special Events Manager at St. Andrews School

  • Favorite snack/dessert? brownie a la mode
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Anything by Wes Anderson, Grace and Frankie on Netflix
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? I am a huge fan of 60s/70s funk and soul. But I also love simple acoustic folk music. Noam Pikelny is a love right now.

Board Vice Chair: Mollie Brooks, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist at Genworth

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Banana bread
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Clue
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Needtobreathe

Board Secretary: Michael Parsons, Information Coordinator at Peter Paul Development Center

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Oreos
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Seinfeld
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Joni Mitchell

Communications Committee

Staff Liaison, Communications Chair, Treasurer: Liz Lungut, Communication Officer, ConnectVA at The Community Foundation

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Tortilla chips and salsa
  • Favorite movie/tv show? The Walking Dead
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music?  Dave Matthews Band

Communications Committee: Katie Bowman, Communications Officer at The Community Foundation

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Dark chocolate anything
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Obsessed with Downton Abby (even visited the castle in Newbury, England)
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? JohnnySwim

Communications Committee: Erica Babcock, Marketing & Communications Officer at Better Housing Coalition

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Pistachio ice cream
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Korean dramas
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Adele

Communications Committee: Gabrielle Jones, Digital Marketing Manager at the Community Idea Stations WCVE

  • Favorite snack/dessert? My favorite dessert is a warm chocolate chip cookie.
  • Favorite movie/tv show? I love documentaries.
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Stevie Wonder is my favorite musician.

Communications Committee: Holly Gordon, Programs and Operations Manager at HandsOn Greater Richmond

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Anything with Oreo in it.
  • Favorite movie/tv show? The West Wing
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? I like steel drums—they remind me of the beach.

Communications Committee: Lataunda Beasley, Guest Services Associate at the Science Museum of Virginia

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Tiramisu
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Walking Dead
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Linkin Park

Communications Committee: Lauren Martin, Manager, Program Development & Engagement at Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA)

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Green grapes and Colby cheese cubes
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Anything by Shonda Rhimes
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? #BeyonceForever

Programs Committee

Programs Committee Co-Chair: Omi Eaddie, Director of Admissions and Graduate Support at St. Andrew’s School

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Ice cream, cupcakes, frosted flakes cereal
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Romcoms, comedy, campy horror movies
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Pop, hip hop, gospel

Programs Committee Co-Chair: Devan Colley, Development & Communications Coordinator at Peter Paul Development Center

  • Favorite snack/dessert? One of my favorite snacks is Utz Party Mix
  • Favorite movie/tv show? My favorite movie is No Country for Old Men
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? One of my favorite bands currently is Vulfpeck

Programs Committee: Catherine Estevez, Assistant Director at Communities in Schools of Virginia

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Just about anything from Shyndigz
  • Favorite movie/tv show? My all-time favorite is The Wire
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? My go-tos are oldies (motown) and country music.

Programs Committee: Jessica Horswell, Program Manager at GRASP (GReat Aspirations Scholarship Program, Inc.)

  • Favorite snack/dessert?  caramel popcorn (delicious)
  • Favorite movie/tv show?  Right now… anything science fiction.
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music:  I love different music depending on what mood I’m in!  Recently I have been listening to a lot of Violent Femmes.

Programs Committee: MckenZie Walker, Membership Coordinator at Virginia Association of Museums

  • Favorite snack/dessert? a quesadilla
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Friends
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Johnny Cash

Programs Committee: Meg Petruney, at Lush Handmade Cosmetics

  • Favorite snack/dessert? anything with hummus
  • Favorite movie/tv show? crime shows and history documentaries
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? podcast obsessed but favorite band is Lake Street Dive

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Co-Chair: Diana Villarreal, Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond

  • Favorite snack/dessert? any type of dumpling
  • Favorite movie/tv show? almost all reality TV (don’t judge me!)
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? any music from the early 2000’s

Membership Committee Co-Chair: Kathy Greenier, Consultant at Floricane

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Popcorn with Sour Patch Kids
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Netflix is always recommending to me “dramas with a strong female lead,
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? I unabashedly love pop music

Membership Committee: Elise Kindya, School Counselor at St. Andrew’s School

  • Favorite snack/dessert? milk chocolate and peanut butter fudge swirl ice cream cone with toasted marshmallow fluff from Charm School
  • Favorite movie/tv show? The Office always puts me in a good mood
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music?: Kathleen Hanna will be my forever music crush

Membership Committee: Heather Farber, CASA Volunteer Coordinator at Greater Richmond SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now)

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Gilmore Girls
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Christmas music (I don’t care if the holidays are over. I wish we could listen to it all year!)

Membership Committee: Michelle Hulme-Lippert, University Educator at Randolph-Macon College

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Chips and guacamole
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Dramas, including This is Us, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, The Honourable Woman, and Alias
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Folk / Americana Rock

Membership Committee: Meet Tiffany Slaughter, Minister of Family Life at Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

  • Favorite snack/dessert? UTZ BBQ chips
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Love romantic comedies
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Backstreet Boys

Don’t forget to RSVP to our first event of the year – the 2018 Nonprofit YP Kickoff Social at the Veil Brewing Company in Scott’s Addition and get to know all of the incredible young nonprofit professionals in our network!

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ConnectVA Event: Nonprofit & Social Services Career Fair with VCU

Find the right talent to meet your diverse recruitment needs during the annual Nonprofit and Social Services Career Fair. This three hour event draws several hundred students each year from a broad range of disciplines, including arts, business, communications, and the sciences. We invite you to join us for what will be an engaging and informative afternoon for students and the nonprofit community (and yes, the event is open to all job seekers - early career focus).

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Event Recap: Great Nonprofit Bosses

Over the past several weeks, YNPN RVA sent out a call to young nonprofit professionals all over Greater Richmond to nominate their boss or supervisor to be recognized as a part of our largest event of the year, Great Nonprofit Bosses Celebration that was held on November 1st at the Hippodrome Speakeasy. There was an incredible turnout from the community as we recognized and celebrated 26 outstanding nonprofit bosses serving our sector. (See the full list here). Our four panelists: Robert Bolling (Childsavers), Chris Hariston-White (Better Housing Coalition), Myra Goodman Smith (Leadership Metro Richmond) and Megan Hodges (NAMI Virginia) shared about their career experiences and offered wisdom about leading effectively in the nonprofit world. Resounding themes from the conversation included: open and intentional communication with coworkers, always continuing to learn, making mistakes is okay, and find your heart and your passion - and go after it.

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YNPN RVA Spotlight: Great Nonprofit Bosses 2017

This past Monday, we celebrated National Boss Appreciation Day! In the spirit of appreciating great leadership in our local nonprofit sector, we are highlighting a few of YNPN RVA’s 2017 Great Nonprofit Bosses. In case you missed last week’s post – here are all of the 26 Great Nonprofit Bosses chosen by young nonprofit professionals around Greater Richmond! Read on to learn more about four nonprofit bosses who will be speaking about their professional careers, leadership and growth during the 2017 Great Nonprofit Bosses Celebration with YNPN RVA on November 1st at the Hippodrome Speakeasy! Make sure to purchase a ticket and join us for an evening of recognition, learning and socializing with nonprofit peers and leaders!

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YNPN RVA Presents: 2017 Great Nonprofit Bosses

The Young Nonprofits Professional Network RVA (YNPN RVA) believes that a great boss or supervisor supports, inspires and pushes others towards excellence; is an effective communicator, passionate, intuitive and resourceful; and finally, is truly committed to developing the careers of the people they supervise. Over the past several weeks, YNPN RVA sent out a call to young nonprofit professionals all over Greater Richmond to nominate their boss or supervisor to be recognized as a part of our Great Nonprofit Bosses Celebration on November 1st at the Hippodrome Speakeasy from 6pm to 8pm.

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Creating An Inclusive Environment at Your Nonprofit: Age

In March, The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia gathered alumni of its Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program (ENLP) and current members of its 10th class at the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia.   Jonathan Zur, President and CEO of Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities led the group through a robust discussion and brainstorming session on ways local organizations and leaders can take action to create a culture of diversity and inclusion in their nonprofit organizations and across the sector.

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YNPN RVA Recommends: Advice for Developing Your Nonprofit Staff

While mission and impact are the heart and soul of a nonprofit, there are many integral parts behind the scenes that make the magic happen. Beyond defining your mission and establishing metrics to measure your impact, it is essential to nurture your people. Yes, your people are your volunteers, donors and supporters, but your people are first and foremost your staff. The hardworking nonprofiteer that is daily putting your mission into action – teaching parents financial literacy, educating teens on healthy lifestyle choices, or providing meals to hungry children. And yet, many organization and nonprofit executives neglect or lack any formal strategic talent development or career progression plan for their staff – and to their loss

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Nonprofit Trends: Challenges for Young Nonprofit Professionals in RVA

In mid-January, The Community Foundations serving Richmond and Central Virginia brought together two of their nonprofit networks – YNPN RVA (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA) and ENLP Alumni (Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program Alumni) for breakfast, information-sharing and discussion at Peter Paul Development Center. For those who aren’t familiar - YNPN RVA (the local chapter of the National organization/network) supports the growth, learning, and development of young and early-career nonprofit professionals through professional development, networking, and social opportunities (learn more about YNPN RVA here). The Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program, now in its 10th year of operation, is a dynamic eight-month experience for budding nonprofit leaders in the metro Richmond area. Participants have the opportunity to foster a deeper understanding of their leadership capacity, advance their understanding and practice of leading in the nonprofit sector, and strengthen their network of nonprofit colleagues (learn more about ENLP here and come to an information session – dates announced in March 2017). During the breakfast, there was a facilitated discussion around the biggest barriers and challenges for young nonprofit professionals in RVA. Fairly quickly, themes began to emerge, as many audience members shared similar experiences and obstacles. The group continued the discussion of specific challenges by generating ideas, tips and advice for how a young nonprofit professional (or how an organization employing a young nonprofit professional) could work to overcome some of these challenges and barriers. Here are some of the main challenges that were discussed:

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