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Communication Subscription

ConnectVA knows that cohesive efforts are vital to community change and that all sectors are essential. We offer our registered users several options for communication updates to what’s been recently posted on the site.


Email Subscription

By submitting your email in the field below, you will receive connectva updates of recently posted events, jobs, and discussions on ConnectVA without needing to register as a user.


ConnectVA Update

The ConnectVA Daily Update is a batched email digest of all upcoming events as well as recently posted events, jobs, items, and messages on ConnectVA, sent twice a week to all ConnectVA registered users.  As a ConnectVA registered user, you are automatically subscribed to the ConnectVA Update.  If you are not currently registered, you may register here.


Funding Forum

See announcements about grants and funding opportunities by local private, community, or corporate foundations or funders on the Funding Forum. This may include instructions and deadlines for grants, sponsorships, scholarships, fundraising or other funding opportunities.

You can Subscribe to a forum of interest to receive real-time updates, in addition to updates from the ConnectVA Update send bi-weekly..  Make sure you’re signed in and click on Subscribe at the top of the Forum. When you subscribe to the forum, you will receive an alert every time a user posts a new thread.  Alerts will be sent to your registered email address.



To unsubscribe from the ConnectVA update, open that particular e-mail, scroll to the bottom of the e-mail, and click Unsubscribe and enter your e-mail address. You cannot manage your e-mail subscriptions in your ConnectVA Profile.