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ConnectVA Event Recap: Growing a Great Website

Yesterday Webbones? Stephanie Saccone and Susan Martin led our 501 Tech Club Clinic on Growing a Great Website: How to deliver effective, appealing content. Stephanie and Susan kicked off the clinic sharing one simple concept for website design: Don?t make your online visitors think.Websites should be easy to understand and navigate, user-friendly and intuitive at a glance. According to Steve Krug?s book on web usability, Don?t make me think, most people scan, ?suffice? and muddle through websites. Being aware of this behavior should guide your web design.

As you start the (re)design process, ask yourself how your website supports your mission, targets your audience, has a clear message and prompts an action or reaction. Writing a creative brief can help you answer these questions. Stephanie and Susan walked through the technical ?must-haves? of web design and the basics of graphics, type, writing and layout that are essential to intuitive and user-friendly navigation. You can also use third party applications and products to bring function and fun to your website. And just like any creative or professional product, don?t forget to review, test and ask someone else to look at the website before it goes live!

This ConnectVA 501 Tech Club Clinic was the third in this year?s Nonprofit Technology Series. View all our nonprofit technology training events here.

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