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Event Recap: Online Fundraising & Donations

Earlier this week, Sarah Milston of The Spark Mill led this month’s ConnectVA 501 Tech Club Clinic on Online Fundraising and Donations. Sarah focused primarily on practical steps that participants could employ to integrate social media and web tools into your fundraising strategy. She informed participants that there are three essential parts to online fundraising:

  1. Good basic fundraising techniques – ask, say thank you, ask again.
  2. Tell a good story – see TED’s curated list of how to a story.
  3. Technology and tools – make pretty pictures, use videos, etc.

It would seem that with online fundraising, donors want to back a winner. Confirming thise, Sarah stated “fundraising online is all about hope…it’s not disaster fundraising.”

Sarah rounded out her presentation with some suggestions for optimizing your website for online giving. She recommended making it mobile-friendly, keeping choices simple, making steps to give easy, and using lots of images. 

Looking for a great example of successful online donation page? Sarah recommends Charity:Water and World Wildlife Fund.

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