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From an Expert: How Can My Organization Go Mobile?

Everything in the web world is changing fast and one of the fastest trends is in mobile — devices and web adoption — making mobile optimization a necessity to ensure your digital presence is relevant in today’s mobile ecosystem.

There are currently two primary options out there:

Responsive Design – allows you to have a single website that automatically fits the screen size of the device on which is is being viewed. 

Custom App – a software specifically developed for mobile devices

We recommend the utilization of responsive design as the best way for your organization to quickly and easily go mobile and here’s why:

1. Enter your content once.

Since responsive design allows you to use the same content, styled multiple ways for multiple browser sizes, you only have to enter your content once. This is great for communication teams or staff members who are also looking for ways to get more done.

2. Multitude of phones and operating systems, no problem.

Should you develop just an iPhone app, or do you need an iPad app, too? What about Android, Windows, and Blackberry? And what about all the various mobile device sizes? With responsive design, there is no need to worry about all this. You design scales to the right design based on the browser, ensuring each user sees your content styled properly for their device. 

3. App downloads.

First time guests aren’t going to download your app, but they will visit your website. Most of the time, your first exposure to a guest is your website. While an app can serve your member and regular visitors well, you only get once chance to make a first impression.

4. Easy to update.

With responsive design, whenever you update your website, your mobile presence is immediately updated. Once more, if you need to make a major functionality change, you don’t have to wait for app store approval. Responsive design allows you to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of your digital users.

5. Consistent access and experience.

Because responsive design allows you to design for browser size rather than device, you can ensure all your mobile users are experiencing a consistent brand presentation.

6. Cost.

While the development of a custom app can be very expensive, responsive design is a very cost effective solution. The end result is a great experience for your user at a fraction of the cost of an app.


From an Expert guest blog post by Micah Voraritskul, Brand Strategies at Details Communications providing beautiful and engaging branding, marketing, print collatoral, and responsive web design for nonprofits, small business, churches, private schools, colleges, universities, and graduate schools. See some of our star work here

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