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From an Expert: Leveraging Local Nonprofit Buying Power

If someone were to tell you that your organization had buying power, what would that mean to you? I?m guessing probably not much since we rarely talk about such a term in the non-profit world, but it?s a term you should know. Why? The buying power of your non-profit is your biggest resource and I?m willing to bet you?re not tapping into it.

As a non-profit have a major strength and that is in the shear number of people who are supporters of your organization. Forget about donors for a moment and think about all the people who are affiliated with, work for, volunteer, care about, know about, are sympathetic to your cause, or support your organization in some shape or manner.

What that all amounts to at the end of the day is a lot of people and when you start adding up a lot of people plus all of their networks on top of the people you serve, you as a non-profit are a powerful force. A powerful force that consists of people who may or may not be donors but who have two powerful things in common: they support your organization in some shape or manner and they buy things everyday.

That is buying power; a vast and untapped resource for your organization that doesn?t require you asking anyone to dig any deeper.

So, now that you know what buying power is?the $69,000 question. How do you leverage it?

LiveToServe.com is a Richmond based social enterprise that launched in August. We help you tap into the buying power of your organization and engage people for your causes in ways they?ve never been engaged before. Through our site people can shop, receive full value for what they purchase and drive an additional 50-70% of every transaction back to the non-profits running campaigns. Already, there is over $300,000 that could be raised for local non-profits through our site, all without having to ask for a donation. For Non-Profits, getting started is easy, it is completely free, and there is no cut taken from what you are able to raise. Take twenty minutes and start tapping into your organization?s buying power at LiveToServe.com.


Rob Courain is the President of Live to Serve.  Live to Serve features proprietary CROWDSHOPPING technology to help raise money for non-profits in Richmond, VA. Their vision is for service to others to be a way of life; not something people do, but something people live. Their vision is for all people to Live to Serve and as a result live with purpose every minute, every hour, and every day of their lives.

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