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Commonwealth Catholic Charities

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Income & Asset Building Services

Food Pantries-CCC serves families who need an emergency supply of food and clothing. The programs are supported by area Catholic and other churches, organizations and individuals. St. Francis House is a registered food pantry with Feeding America Southwest Virginia. Financial Assistance-CCC provides Financial Assistance to people in crisis. In partnership with Catholic and other churches, community resources and individual contributions. Financial Assistance is provided to prevent the loss of housing (rent and mortgage) or the loss of a critical utility. Financial-Many of the people who come to CCC seeking emergency financial assistance lack basic financial literacy skills that can help them avoid crises in the future. Through financial management workshops, CCC teaches budgeting skills, the value of savings and how even households with limited income can plan to avoid a financial crisis. For those households that may need extra help with their personal or household finances, CCC provides one-on-one financial coaching where CCC staff meet monthly with program participants to track expenses, identify problem areas and budget and plan for a stable financial future. Housing & Financial Counseling-CCC’s Certified Housing Counselors assist community members facing foreclosure and eviction, seeking to purchase a home, resolve credit issues or find more affordable rental housing. Housing Counselors work with individuals and families to review or create workable household budgets and identify steps to build assets and wealth and to achieve their housing goals to improve household financial security.

Behavioral Health & Disability Services

Individual, Group, Marriage, & Family Counseling-CCC offers professional Counseling Services to individuals, children, couples and families who are experiencing emotional difficulties and life transitions. Specialized, ongoing groups for domestic violence, anger management and peer support are available. School Counseling-CCC provides counseling to students and their families when faced with problems and issues that adversely affect the academic and personal potential of a student. Counselors host in-service activities and professional workshops to foster school success and customize services to fit the needs and available resources of the school. Parent-Child Attachment Assessments-CCC offers an evidence-based model for attachment assessment and treatment of the parent-child relationship. The model uncovers insecure relationship issues and guides therapists for focused treatment interventions. Mental Health Assessments-CCC offers mental health assessments with a report issued by a licensed therapist. Developmental Disabilities-CCC provides oversight, coordination, and monitoring of community-based services and supports for eligible individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability. Recipients receive coordination of services for prevention of placement in intermediate care facilities. We also link parents to services/supports that can assist them with their caregiving duties. Independence For Seniors-CCC offers free services for lonely, isolated adults 60+ living independently in their own home. We link seniors to needed resources and provide services that promote healthy lifestyles, community interaction, and support to caregivers. Call Reassurance Program-CCC uses volunteers to call isolated, lonely seniors on a weekly basis to provide socialization and safety checks. Caregiver Relief Program-CCC uses volunteers to relieve caregivers for short periods of time, providing caregivers with much-needed rest and care recipients with authentic and attentive company. Care Coordination-CCC offers cognitively impaired adults with support in managing their personal and financial affairs. Public & Private Guardianship-CCC offers guardianship services when appointed by a Circuit court to cognitively impaired adults who need assistance with making informed decisions regarding their personal and/or financial affairs. We provide ongoing care management, routine visitations, and monitoring of services/available 24/7.

Children's Services

Adoption-Infants/children from US/Abroad can be adopted. CCC is licensed child placing agency, maintaining highest standards & committed to finding loving, permanent homes for children regardless of age/special needs. Families Together-Offers support & reunification services to families w/children in out-of-home placement or at risk of removal from home due to abuse/ neglect; services short term, intensive & family based w/goals to improve family functioning, child’s safety & increase well-being of child/family. Foster Care-Provides homes for children experiencing emotional, behavioral & social problems due to history of abuse/neglect. Refugee & Other Unaccompanied Minors-Provides foster care to refugee minors who fled home countries due to war/persecution due to race, religion or political affiliation. Services provided over 30 yrs-one of oldest & largest programs in US. Social workers & foster parents provide intensive support to help kids adjust to life. Treatment Foster Care-Serves children infancy to 21 yrs who require therapeutic environment w/professional case management, supervision & support. Many have been emotionally traumatized. Goal-provide emotionally safe environment. Promote permanency in placement giving stability to families & children. Pregnancy Counseling-Helps pregnant women make healthy decisions. Experienced staff understand challenges & support decision process. Community resources located to assist with medical care & expenses. Adoption planning available. Work w/both parents, separately/together.