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DATA SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR AND EVALUATOR POSITION SUMMARY: The Data System Administrator and Evaluator is responsible for all aspects and applications of Healthy Families Virginia (HFV) enterprise-wide data collection & reporting, in support of monitoring program implementation (continuous quality improvement), ensuring model fidelity and accreditation accountability, and assessing program impact. The Data System Admin/Evaluator interfaces closely with the Healthy Families Virginia Technical Assistance/Quality Assurance (TA/QA) Specialists team to support data-driven decision-making, program oversight, and an infrastructure that supports the home visiting workforce in facilitating positive results for Virginia’s families and young children. All of these duties are fulfilled in alignment with FF’s high performing culture and core agency values of Respect, Integrity, Champion, Collaborative and Excellence as well as in support of FF’s team-based environment in which all staff work together toward a shared vision and goal. RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide final line of end user support for HFV automated case management system. Address complex user needs and tasks with the most strict data privacy parameters, establish and revise user access/credentials, transfer cases from one site to another, disseminate regular reminders about data deadlines and develop solutions and workarounds for atypical data entry. Serve as the point of contact with Athena Software and manage customer service requests about data system errors, coordinate system updates and handle other high-level communications. Develop and refine user support materials and cultivate new resources as user needs emerge and evolve. Keep detailed records of issues/responses to build documentation library/reference guide. Design and deliver end user, super user, and regional TA/QA data system trainings (after pre-Go Live/user adoption phase). Help build capacity among 4 TA/QA Specialists, as well as support and augment TA/QA capacity building efforts in sites that do not have access to a data super user. Handle all back-end system admin tasks (e.g., add a response option to a field’s drop-down menu, develop additional reports). Work with HFV IT consultant on system-related technological needs for sites and central system admin. Design and regularly execute data quality protocols and write and conduct data queries. Collaborate with Subject Matter Expert/Researcher to design, implement, and oversee innovative evaluation and research initiatives with high utility to a range of stakeholders, focusing on but not limited to: • Developing and implementing enterprise-wide data analysis plans • Designing and implementing all HFV evaluations • Ensuring compliance with state reporting requirements • Running descriptive and inferential statistics in Tableau or other software (Excel, Access, SAS, SPSS) on exported files • Developing and posting data reports/visualizations • Identifying opportunities to streamline data reporting and alleviating data burden on sites • Communication and coordination with external stakeholders on HFV’s data enterprise Administer an HFV data system emergency response protocol and serve as HFV data privacy and security officer, including: • Assisting HFV leadership team, legal counsel, and sites with HIPAA compliance • Ensuring the overall security & privacy of all HFV data both within and beyond HIPAA requirements • Ensuring the appropriate and ethical sharing of HFV data with various internal and external entities (e.g., state partners, funders, Healthy Families America) • Overseeing the HFV data system emergency response protocol Other tasks as assigned. Technology Jul 8, 2019