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Season 25 -- Firehouse PLAYS, FRINGE, STUDIO, FORUM

2018-19 / season 25 A SEASON OF MAKING Performance is our primary activity at Firehouse and so we’re dedicating ourselves to the process of making as we focus on new scripts, collectively created work, and reconsiderations of world classics. The way that most non-profit theatres put together their seasons is that the artistic director picks some plays a year in advance to fill standardized season slots. These play choices are most often based on pragmatic requirements and personal /institutional inclinations including budget, cast size, artist availability, personal preference, potential box office, content, mission, and community standards. Artists are then hired to make the productions of those plays in a fairly standardized process of about a month of rehearsals, and then a few days to add the technical elements, before opening the show for a limited run. While this process of performance making is time and cost effective and regularly achieves a high level of excellence, it’s not necessarily the best or only way. Since our mission is to be an artistic home and since we’ve decided to explore new ways of making work, we invited some artists who we love to propose projects and tell us how they wanted to work on these projects. What follows is a list of artists and projects that we’re going to be working on this year. Some may be produced in regular performance runs this year, others may be presented as work-in-progress showings or member-only previews, and there will be projects that aren’t listed here that we’ll announce when they’re ready. We're working on NEW SCRIPTS by Doug Jones (SONGS FROM BEDLAM / Oct 2018), J.C. Gonzalez (WARM), Tom Kazas (a Wild West play), Dixon Cashwell, Levi Meerovich / Dog Stuff (WRONG CHOPPED), and other surprise RVA writers. We're working on DEVISED WORKS with directors Emma Givens + Boomie Pedersen (WITCHES), Joel Bassin (DEATH, STORY, FOOD), and others TBA. We're working on RECONSIDERATIONS OF WORLD CLASSICS with Josh Chenard (Moliere's THE IMAGINARY INVALID / Sept 2018), Vinnie Gonzalez (A gospel version of Sophocles’ OEDIPUS REX / Feb+March 2019), Mark Lerman, and other artists and titles TBA. Our FRINGE favorites like Happy Hour Poetry, K Dance’s YES! Dance Festival, Burlesque Right Meow, Matt Venuti, Firehouse Radio Players, River City Vaudeville, HamiltunesRVA, and Firehouse Play Reading Roundtable will return, and we’re launching new FRINGE and FIREHOUSE FORUM programs like Death Club Radio LIVE, First Drafts and Bagels, Ruckus Watusi, First Mondays Music with The Whiskey Rebellion, Discount Tuna sketch comedy, E.A.T. Foundation’s pop-up dining performances, K Dance’s SHORTS, Anthony Dowd’s JAZZ seminars and concerts, David London’s HUMBUG: THE GREAT P.T. BARNUM SÉANCE in partnership with the Branch Museum, and many, many more performance experiences of all kinds.