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Greater Richmond SCAN-Stop Child Abuse Now, Inc.

Title Description Categories Date Posted
Therapeutic Classroom Aide/Teaching Assistant The Circle Preschool Program Therapeutic Classroom Aide/Teaching Assistant’s primary responsibility is to assist the CPP Program Director and Clinical Services Coordinator with service delivery in the classroom. They will participate with facilitating educational and therapeutic components of classroom intervention. They also will be in charge of assigned clerical tasks, set up and clean up of classroom, and meal preparation and clean up. They will serve as a member of The Circle Preschool Program transdisciplinary team. This position will have the opportunity to work as part of a team with clinical social workers, early childhood and special educators, a speech pathologist and occupational therapist The team will work with children 3-6 y/o to develop social, emotional, regulation relational, early literacy and math and early executive function skills. This facilitation of skills takes place in a therapeutic setting for children with chronic stressors, high adverse childhood experiences and trauma. The aim is to support each child's capacities to regulate and relate with others to promote interactions and skill development. Major Responsibilities: • Co-facilitate classroom experience with the Early Childhood Specialist and Lead Teacher by implementing educational and therapeutic interventions as developed in lesson plans and child-study learning • Assist children to follow arrival routines (e.g., unpacking, area selection, sharing and interaction with children, etc.) • Assist children to independently use the restroom and eat and converse at mealtime • Assist with meals preparation and clean up • Assist children to maintain regulation, communicate ideas and preferences, share materials and ideas, gain skills, suspend play, sort materials back where they go, and transition to next activity • Support children to dress independently and use large muscle movement areas to meet their sensory, social, fine and gross motor and other needs • Assist at rest time by preparing the room and helping children to regulate • Perform duties assigned at the end of the school day (for example, clean classroom) • Supervise and provide child care for children during weekly caregiver group time. Education, Social Work Jun 15, 2022