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Education AmeriCorps Background: The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. Scope of Service: The Education AmeriCorps member will join the Youth Services team as they support newly arrived youth and young adult refugees and immigrants in their short and long-term personal, educational and career goals. This position reports to the Youth Program Supervisor. Responsibilities: • Assist with the planning, coordination, and leading of various activities, such as after school sessions, workshops on a variety of social-emotional learning topics, tutoring, job shadowing, and others as needed • Coordinate program volunteers • Document attendance and related program information • Provide transportation to participants to attend group activities as needed • Provide assessments to individuals enrolling in program • Assess potential mentors and facilitate match making process for the youth mentoring program • Provide follow-up support to clients and mentors to ensure ongoing participation and success • Research and provide career pathway information to participants • Participate in all program meetings, development activities, and other meetings as needed Education, Social Work Jun 1, 2023
Healthy Futures AmeriCorps Background: The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. Scope of Service: The Healthy Futures AmeriCorps will promote and facilitate the health and social self-sufficiency of refugees and other immigrants through education, outreach and direct support. This position reports to the Health Liaison. Responsibilities: • Assist IRC Health Team in ensuring clients are connecting to primary and secondary care in a timely manner through assistance in pre-registration documentation and appointment navigation. • Implement and further develop Refugee Health Orientation that includes education on preventative health, hygiene, Medicaid, nutrition, and women’s health • Conduct bus orientation with clients to their specific health clinic and/or teach clients and practice utilizing Medicaid taxi services • Develop Health Passport to assist with clinic check-in, information on clinic location/number, transportation info Medicaid taxi/bus routes, and general translated health information • Develop Health Assessment to measure client’s understanding and retention of Health Orientation materials • Follow up with adult clients at 90-and 180-days post-resettlement for Health Assessment • Track Health Assessment data appropriately and update the health orientation curriculum as needed • Participate in all program meetings, development activities, and other meetings as needed Social Work Jun 1, 2023
Job Placement and Training AmeriCorps Background: The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. Scope of Service: The Job Placement & Training AmeriCorps will provide training on topics including job readiness, financial and digital literacy, and support other activities to help recently arrived refugees and other immigrants attain economic self-sufficiency through employment. This position reports to the Employment Specialist. Responsibilities: •Facilitate Job Readiness Training (JRT) to employable adults, updating curriculum as needed •Deliver engaging activity-based workshops to prepare clients entering the U.S. workforce, covering topics including, but not limited to, U.S. work culture and expectations, work documentation and new hire paperwork, resume writing, and interview preparation. •Coordinate with early employment and financial coaching teams to deliver financial and digital literacy training to clients individually or in group sessions •Conduct JRT pre- and post-assessments for program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) •Maintain electronic case files and record of client services •Provide employment and job placement support as needed, including employer outreach for job development and one-on-one client meetings •Participate in all program meetings and development activities for both AmeriCorps and IRC Economic Empowerment programming Community Relations Jun 1, 2023
Career Development Specialist Job Overview: The IRC’s Economic Empowerment team helps newly arrived refugees and other immigrants reach self-sufficiency by supporting clients in their short and long-term career goals by offering high-quality, culturally, and linguistically accessible, integrated economic empowerment services. The Career Development Specialist will provide comprehensive career development services to clients seeking to move into a new career path or return to an existing profession including those seeking access to workforce education or credential recertification. Major Responsibilities: Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: • Conduct pre-enrollment assessments with clients, create career development plans detailing a client’s long-term career goals and a step-by-step plan for its achievement, and provide ongoing case management. • Ensure timely and accurate compliance to all reporting requirements; document services provided and client outcomes in relevant case management databases; monitor and track client job performance and wage levels. • Maintain accurate and up-to-date case files documenting client goals, activities, and services. • Provide one-on-one assistance to help clients prepare their resumes, look for appropriate job opportunities, and practice interview skills. • Develop and cultivate relationships with employers who offer suitable job opportunities for clients. • Assist clients and employers as necessary with post-placement issues and continuing employment needs. • Conduct outreach for clients eligible to enroll into career development programing. • Provide individual coaching or group instruction in topics such as resume writing, interview preparation, job search techniques, or other skills related to career advancement. • Identify and engage local agencies for participant referrals and conduct regular outreach to education providers to identify and secure workforce training for participants. • Conduct financial assessments for clients and assist in securing financial aid and funding for education programs. • Participate in all program meetings, staff development activities, and other duties as assigned. • Work as part of a team to provide comprehensive strength-based services to IRC clients through coordination of cases and effective communication between team members and departments. • Comply with all policies, procedures, and protocols of the agency. Social Work May 10, 2023
Casework Assistant Job Overview: The Casework Assistant supports the provision of direct services to refugees during their initial resettlement process. Major Responsibilities: • Assist the resettlement team in the provision of services for newly arriving refugees including apartment set-ups, airport pick-ups, intake interviews, home visits, grocery shopping, cultural orientation, school enrollment and the transportation of clients to appointments and activities that support the clients’ resettlement process. • Support efforts to link clients with appropriate educational, health and social services. • Assist with the timely completion of client records, documentation, and case files. • Communicate client information to other staff members as needed. • Other duties as assigned. Social Work May 10, 2023
Caseworker Job Overview: The Caseworker provides trauma-informed services to refugees and other qualified immigrants to support a positive resettlement experience and the achievement of client self-sufficiency. The Caseworker works closely with clients, colleagues, and external parties to develop service and/or self-sufficiency plans to meet individual client needs and preferences utilizing a broad range of financial, medical, social, vocational, and other services and resources in accordance with client eligibility and program requirements. Major Responsibilities: Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: • Coordinate timely pre- and post-arrival services to ensure each client has living essentials such as housing, food, medical care, and access to transportation, and is oriented to their new environment. • Conduct intake services with clients to assess needs. Develop self-sufficiency plans and timelines in partnership with each client. Provide individualized support through direct services, referrals, and advocacy. • Assess and monitor client progress to support their attainment of established goals, address challenges, and to ensure that available resources are utilized. • Detail each client interaction in accordance with program requirements. Input client information in database(s) and assist with tracking and reporting as needed. • Collaborate effectively with coworkers and partner organizations. Build and maintain relationships with area service providers for the benefit of clients. • Use personal, insured vehicle and/or public transportation (where available) to travel and transport clients and materials as needed throughout the service delivery area. • May train and lead the activities of volunteers and interns. • Other duties as assigned. Social Work May 10, 2023
Early Education Specialist Job Overview: The Early Education Specialist supports refugee children to access preschool services and to succeed academically and socially in elementary school. They also assist parents to participate in their children’s school activities and support schools to identify resources needed to meet the language and cultural needs of refugee students and families. The Early Education Specialist develops strong relationships with local school systems, students, their parents, and other relevant stakeholders. Major Responsibilities: Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: ● Lead the planning and implementation of IRC’s efforts to maximize accessibility for its clients to early childhood educational opportunities including Head Start, pre-kindergarten, early learning scholarships to enriched childcare opportunities, and other school and educational opportunities. ● Build and maintain good relationships with school personnel and community partners working to promote and implement early childhood programming. ● Lead enrichment opportunities for students and parents including school orientations, educational workshops, and social-emotional asset development. ● Orient newly arrived families to the American public school system and family law issues with a goal of increasing interaction between school staff and parents as well as parental participation in classroom activities. ● Provide individualized case management support to students and families and refer to services and community resources as needed. ● In consultation with management, advocate for children in situations of abuse or neglect and refer to partner agencies as appropriate. ● In consultation with management, work with parents to advocate for special needs students in identification, testing and provision of special education services. ● Improve school personnel’s understanding of refugee families’ cultural and language needs. ● Ensure timely and accurate compliance to all donor reporting requirements, including required intake documents and service plan, database management, case notes, and file maintenance. ● Other duties as assigned. Education May 10, 2023
Career Pathways Coordinator IRC Background: The mission of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by crisis and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. Founded in 1933, the IRC has a presence in over 40 countries and 27 offices in the United States; the IRC leads the way from harm to home. Job Overview: The Career Pathways Coordinator is responsible for designing and launching a high-quality apprenticeship program for refugee professionals interested in public health. To accomplish this goal, this staff member will collaborate with IRC Richmond’s existing career development and workforce programs. Critical components of this role include strategic partnership development alongside the delivery of strong client services. Major Responsibilities: Partnership Development • Engage with employers and education institutions to develop strong local partnerships centered around workforce needs, apprenticeship pathways, and to identify job and training opportunities. • Create opportunities for mentorship to provide apprentices with a skilled role model and guidance for professional development. • Coordinate with local workforce development boards and resettlement agencies to share best practices, curriculum, and overall annual program findings. Apprenticeship Development • Partner with employers in the public health field, including healthcare facilities and county health offices, to develop a high-quality apprenticeship with core components including on-the-job learning, job-related instruction, mentorship connections, and paid wages for participants. • Coordinate with other IRC staff as well as industry partners to develop curricula informed by current industry needs. • Meet key standards and compliance measures leading to statewide apprenticeship program registration. Client Services • Conduct outreach to previous IRC workforce and career development clients to conduct eligibility and suitability assessments and enroll program participants. • Provide a wide scope of career-focused services to participating clients including career coaching, regular check-ins, career mapping, and the provision of wrap-around services as necessary, including referrals to additional programming and resources as necessary. • Regularly follow-up with clients once placed in apprenticeships to ensure retention, job placement, and identify further areas of development. • Use internal databases as assigned to track client services, outcomes, and metrics. • Align priorities with all financial and budget-related mechanisms and processes. Other Responsibilities • Participate in all program meetings, staff development activities, and fully engage as a member of IRC’s Economic Empowerment team. • Comply with all policies, procedures, and protocols of the agency. • Other related duties as assigned. Key Working Relationships: Position Reports to: Economic Empowerment Supervisor Position directly supervises: Interns and volunteers. Internal and/or external contacts: Coordinates regularly with Richmond economic empowerment team and local partners Social Work May 10, 2023
Manager, Interpreter Services Overview: The Interpreter Services Manager leads the activities of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Virginia-based Interpreter Services program, ensuring high quality, reliable foreign language interpretation for limited English proficient (LEP) populations. The program serves both internal IRC needs in Virginia and IRC’s national network of 28 offices across the U.S. as well as external customers such as hospitals, schools, courts, and community service agencies through a combination of in-person, telephonic and video-conferencing services. Major Responsibilities: Community Outreach • Promote the use of interpreters to community organizations through outreach and marketing efforts. • Provide educational resources on Title VI to key organizations throughout the community. • Conduct training on the effective use of interpreters to customers, partners, and community agencies. Recruitment and Training of Interpreters • Identify language needs, prioritizing IRC and the local refugee communities. Build capacity to meet these needs; recruit, interview and evaluate candidates both locally and nationally. • Provide training for newly recruited interpreters with a focus on ethics, accuracy, impartiality, professionalism, and confidentiality leading to a nationally recognized credential. • Supervise performance of interpreters through shadowing, formal evaluation, and ongoing training. • Design and develop interactive learning materials and learning sessions for community interpreters using a variety of web-based technologies. Evaluate courses and instructors based on performance criteria. Identify and implement innovative technologies to enhance learning reach and impact. Operations • Provide a high level of professional customer service to IRC requesters, external agencies and businesses, and interpreters. • Supervise and support team of Interpreter Services Specialists and staff interpreters; supervise program interns and volunteers. • Lead all aspects of implementation of contracts and agreements for external organizations interested in accessing IRC interpreter services as well as contracts for individual interpreters as appropriate. • Supervise database, scheduling, and billing systems for both customers and interpreters to ensure smooth operation of program and timely and efficient invoicing and payment for services provided. • Implement and support cost-effective methods for internal use of services. • Promote budget optimization to strengthen financial stability of the program. • Investigate needs and opportunities for expansion and improvement of the program. Data Collection and Analysis • Develop and implement measurement tools for IRC Virginia Interpreter Services that include multiple outcomes across programs. • Analyze data to identify outcomes, trends, and conclusions that contribute to the improvement of IRC Virginia Interpreter Services programming and identify unmet needs in the target population. Communication/Public Relations/Marketing May 10, 2023