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Read To Them, Inc.

Mission Statement To "Create a Culture of Literacy in Every Home." Across the country, literacy rates continue to decline and so, too, does reading as a daily activity. One of the greatest threats to our society is illiteracy. As illiteracy increases, academic achievement declines and with it our functionality as a society. Unless this trend is reversed, our communities will suffer continued socio-economic peril and the American standard of living will continue to decline. Our organization works to educate families to help them understand the importance of creating an environment of literacy in the home to increase each child's ability to succeed academically. As parents establish reading activities as a component of the home environment, many benefits are realized. Reading books aloud together is the single most important activity that any family can undertake to help stimulate intellectual development in children. Family relationships are cultivated and the parent/child bond is strengthened. In order to attain excellence in education, we, as a society, must acknowledge the importance of promoting literacy and foster collaborative educational attainment between schools and families.
Organization Type(s) Education

Primary Address 2201 W. Broad Street
Suite 206
Richmond, VA 23220
Mailing Address 2201 W. Broad Street, Suite 206

Richmond, 23220
Phone Number (804) 367 - 3195
Email Address admin@readtothem.org




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Area(s) Served:
Out of State/National
Richmond City

History and Background

Incorporation Year 2004


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Program Name
One School, One Book
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