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Snowflake LLC

Classification Organization Development & Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Human Resources
Phone (540) 931-9943
Business Address 17114 Greenwood Drive, Round Hill, Virginia, 20141
Primary Contact Tom Morley
Primary Contact Position Managing Director
Location Other Virginia
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  • Essential Services Action-oriented Strategic Planning - Market Engagement, Conversion, and Retention - Organization and Operational Improvement - People Strategies and Programs
    Stories of Impact Improved mission performance while reducing labor costs up to 12.5% and identifying $6m/year in operational savings for a critical national security program Business model design, organization design, job design, process improvement, change assurance and integration. (CV-GV) Increased value of products to customers of a major, international non-governmental organization (NGO) while significantly lowering overtime expenditures, allowing both cost takeout and reinvestment to further enhance services. Business model design, organization design, job design, process improvement. (CV-LN) Facilitating development of a strategic plan that a small, local non-profit will be able to execute, guiding it to the next stage in its evolution through a realistic, cost-effective, and fully resourced program. Coordinated initiatives will secure current services and fuel growth. Strategic planning. (CV-SN) Positioned a small business for three-fold growth over three years and provided the ability to absorb the effects of expansion so ti could continue to deliver high quality services and sustain a broader client base. Strategic planning, organization design, job design, competency modeling (CV-CO) For more information on these or any other projects, please contact (reference ConnectVA and the identifiers above, as appropriate).