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Wellness and Nutrition Initiative

Because of the ever-growing body of research linking good nutrition and physical activity to positive learning experiences, St. Andrew's School established a comprehensive wellness and nutrition initiative that includes a signature Nutrition Program (NP), a Recess Coach (RC), a School Social Work Counselor (SSWC), regular physical activity, and nutrition classes for parents. Our wellness and nutrition initiative alleviates hunger and cultivates a commitment to healthy living. It supports learning at school and develops healthy habits. The initiative has three components: wellness education and support, nutritious food, and physical activity. The wellness education/support and nutritious food components include individual, group work, and classroom activities with the SSWC, offering hot breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks to students, offering cooking demonstrations, and providing families with healthy eating workshops. The physical activity component was designed with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative in mind. SAS students spend 30 minutes a day on the playground. An RC provides opportunities to play. In addition to improving physical activity and health, research indicates that the presence of an RC improves classroom behavior and the civil settling of petty disputes. We also have a School Social Work Counselor that focuses on deepening learner engagement and developing our school environment to ensure that it is supportive and nurturing.