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ML2 After School Program

The STORY ML2 program is designed to provide the kind of high-quality, affordable after school programming encouraged by the Afterschool Alliance and other research findings.  The program focuses on math, literacy and leadership. The program design includes the following:Clear goals and evaluation plansCulturally sensitive climateFocus on academic skills and linkagesFocus on leadership skillsParent, family and community partnershipsQualified staffing and training opportunitiesRecreational programming includedRegular attendance encouragedSafe and clean facilitiesVolunteers and mentorsML2 is designed for youth residents of low-income communities in grades K-8. Youth who are in grades 9-12 may be considered for volunteer or support roles on an individual basis.  The program currently operates in one of Hopewell's public housing communities.  STORY hopes to add a second site in the 2018-2019 school year.Program participants receive grade-level appropriate tutoring in math and reading. Tutoring is provided by program staff and volunteers. Tutoring formats may include group homework sessions, one-on-one skills development, test review and test-taking strategies. Participants with the greatest need (reading or math skills below grade level) will receive priority for one-on-one tutoring sessions. Mentoring is provided by the Virginia State University Student Leadership Outreach Team (SLOT) and supported by the Virginia Mentoring Partnership. Group mentoring sessions occur two Saturday's per month.  An indvidual pilot mentoring program will launch in January 2018.