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Adult Programs

SOAR365’s Adult Programs are important for adults with severe and/or complex disabilities, and they are just as important for the people who care for them. • Research shows that quality of life for adults with disabilities improves when they participate in regular physical, mental and social activities. (They are happier, healthier, and less likely to be isolated, neglected or abused.) • The people who care for them can continue with normal day-to-day routines, like working or caring for other family members. We’ve been in the business of helping adults with disabilities for many years. We opened our first adult day program in the early 1970s and now operate five locations in Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield. We have a well-trained team of professionals who are committed to knowing what each person likes to do, what they can do, and what supports they will need. After we develop an Individual Service Plan for each person, our clients choose from a wide variety of activities: o Our clients work on life skills, such as personal hygiene, safety, shopping, cooking, and money management. o They learn to explore and express themselves creatively through art, music and other interest-inspired classes. o They are encouraged to interact and socialize with others - often through community activities like volunteering and cultural and sports-related experiences. (Meals on Wheels, the SPCA and the YMCA are favorite places to volunteer.) o They receive support to maintain health and wellness through regular exercise, nutrition counseling and medication management. o For those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s, a special memory support component includes activities that stimulate cognitive skills such as “This Day in History”, puzzles and games, music, art and more. o In 2018, 175 adults were enrolled in our Adult Programs. Why we need your help: Medicaid Waiver reimbursement rates for Adult Programs have not increased in over a decade. We must find additional resources to cover a $500 annual deficit for every person who is enrolled in these programs.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions (Business Customers) SOAR365 offers full lines of business that are customized and scaled to meet the needs of our customers: • Janitorial & Custodial Services • Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance • Assembly & Logistics • Digital Imaging • Administrative Services With over $11 million in revenue in 2018, the size of and growth of these core business lines is a testament to the quality of our work, our high standards and our ability to retain satisfied customers. • Every day, we provide custodial services for more than 120 buildings and over 1,600,000 square feet of office space. • We maintain over 775 acres of grounds maintenance for government and commercial customers. • Each month, we clean over 700 miles of roads for a local municipality. • We assemble, pack and ship more than 400,000 electronic components for home security systems manufacturers. • We pack and ship over 89,000 packages of flatwood for Plow and Hearth. • We scan over 3.0 million document pages. • We operate an award-winning Pass & ID office at the Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR). • We operate a 911 emergency call center at DSCR (with backup for Chesterfield County). SOAR365 has many years of commercial experience with federal contracts and commercial businesses. • We are certified as an Employment Services Organization by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD). Because we are a qualifying company, government agencies don’t have to go through a competitive bid process to do business with us. Our employees have a “can do” attitude that is infectious. Their work ethic is second to none. • Most of the men and women we employ have a disability. • They are glad to work and to receive market-competitive wages for an honest day’s work. • 66% of adults with disabilities who are actively seeking work are not employed (as compared to 23% without disabilities). Business Solutions, SOAR365’s largest division, has a significant impact on our organization’s financial stability and our ability to carry out our mission. • Just like our commercial competitors, we want to make a profit. While our competitors are working to make a profit for their owners, our goal is to use our profits to subsidize our own human service programs, which are critically needed, but woefully underfunded. • When a business hires SOAR365, it’s a win-win-win: o Their business needs are met o SOAR365’s employees who have disabilities are earning wages and gaining self-esteem o Individuals who need support through underfunded human service programs have access to the services they need.

Business Solutions (Human Services)

SOAR365 provides training and employment for men and women who have disabilities. These support services are needed because, nationally only 34% of adults with disabilities who are actively seeking work are employed (as compared to 77% without disabilities). In the 1970s, when we started one of the first sheltered workshops in RVA, there were no other work options. Today, SOAR365 has a comprehensive training and employment program that assesses job seekers’ abilities, matches their interests to the right jobs and provides ongoing support to ensure the success of every worker in a wide range of work settings. • In our Workforce Development program, men and women who want to enter the workforce learn and practice marketable job skills that will prepare them for employment. • In our Production Facility, where we provide a high level of supervision in a structured work setting, our workers perform light industrial jobs that include assembly and packaging. • Through SOAR365’s contracts with local government facilities and commercial businesses, our employees receive market-competitive wages for jobs in fields that include: o Janitorial & Custodial Services o Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance o Assembly & Logistics o Digital Imaging o Administrative Services • Through our Supported Work program, we help individuals get and keep jobs with local businesses. SOAR365’s community-based employment services meet international quality and continuous improvement standards. For many years, we have received the highest level of accreditation through CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. In 2018, over 200 men and women participated in work development and employment programs at SOAR365. They developed their work-related skills, gained work experience, earned wages and develop the self-esteem that comes from having a job. Why we need your help: Although some of our employment programs operate profitably and help fund our human services programs, others exist solely to provide job opportunities for individuals. For example, in 2017 our Assembly and Logistics and Digital Imaging operations provided jobs for 73 individuals but operated with a loss of over $770,000.

Summer Camp

Summer is a time to break out of the usual routine and have some fun. That’s true for everyone, including people who have disabilities. For many, it may be their first time to be away from home. For others, going to summer camp has become their once-a-year vacation. For everyone, it represents summer activities like horseback riding, swimming and paddle boating. That’s why campers have been coming back to SOAR365 year after year – ever since we offered our first summer camp program back in 1956. That’s why families continue to depend on us for a summertime break from the never-ending responsibilities and routines that are required to care for someone with a disability. SOAR365’s ten, weeklong summer sessions are held at its 22-acre Camp Baker facility in Chesterfield County between June and August: • Seven weeklong sessions are for adults ages 18 and over • Two weeklong sessions are for children 6-17 • Overnight and day options are available during all 10 sessions SOAR365’s Summer Camp is fully accredited by the American Camp Association, which assures that our current practices reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in the industry. It’s a camp! So, yes, our campers get to experience swimming, horseback riding, paddle boating, arts and crafts, sports and recreation, nature, music, talent shows, cook outs, pool parties, and even camping in a tent. Many of our campers have physical and medical problems in addition to intellectual disabilities, so recruiting mature, well-trained staff is important to us. • We have an onsite RN to manage medications and health-related issues. • Many of our camp counselors have training in a disability-related field. • Our counselors come from around the world, giving our campers exposure to a broad range of cultures and backgrounds. In 2018, 436 youth and adults attended the program. Why we need your help: Our expenses for summer camp are more than double what we charge. That means we lose about $900 a week, per camper. We will always need to depend on donations, grants and other resources to help close the gap.


Taking care of someone with a disability is a 24/7 job that is hard, and at times, overwhelming. That’s why relief is so important for family members. Through our Respite programs, SOAR365 gives caregivers the reassurance that their loved one – whether a child or adult – is well-cared for, having fun and participating in a wide variety of activities when they are in our care. We’ve been offering overnight weekend respite relief for families at Camp Baker, a SOAR365 facility in Chesterfield County since 1981. That’s fortunate for our families, because 80% of US families who need respite care say that they have a major problem finding these services. • While individuals are in our care, we help them with personal hygiene, self-care, feeding, independent living and safety skills. • They learn to explore and express themselves creatively through arts and crafts and music. • They are encouraged to interact and socialize with others, often during cultural and sports-related trips, to movies, plays and concerts, museums, bowling alleys and baseball games. • They receive support to maintain health and wellness through regular exercise and medication management. • Our weekend respite program is open 46 weekends a year and gives families a regularly scheduled break. • Families can also count on us when they have an emergency, such as a serious illness or even a death in the family. • Sometimes families need only a few hours of relief, so SOAR365 is planning to extend respite services to week nights and Saturdays at both our Saunders Avenue and Camp Baker sites. • In 2018, 105 families participated in our Respite program. Why we need your help: Respite is one of the most desperately needed services for families of individuals with disabilities, but reimbursement rates are so unattractive that few providers can offer this service. We are one of the only overnight, out-of-home respite providers in Central Virginia. For every weekend we were open, we operated with a $14,000 deficit that had to be subsidized by donations and other resources.

Children and Youth Program

Children and youth with severe disabilities simply can’t be left alone as unsupervised “latch-key’ kids when they are not in school. That makes it extremely difficult for their parents to work: • after the end of each school day • when there is a teacher in-service day or school holiday • during summer break That’s why SOAR365 has year-round Children and Youth programs in both Richmond and Chesterfield, and that’s why we have extended hours when school is not in session. We are here for these students and families until high school graduation, which by law can be until they are 22 years old. This isn’t babysitting! SOAR365 has a robust, year-round curriculum and well-trained professional staff that help develop each student’s social, behavioral, physical and cognitive skills. • Students receive help with homework assignments. • They work on life skills, such as personal hygiene, safety, shopping, cooking, and money management. • They learn to explore and express themselves creatively through art, music and other interest-inspired classes. • They are encouraged to interact and socialize with others, often through community activities like volunteering and cultural and sports-related experiences. • They receive support to maintain health and wellness through regular exercise, nutrition counseling, and medication management. • Students get help with job-readiness skills. SOAR365 started its Children and Youth Day Program for school-age kids with disabilities in 2003. In 2018, 88 students were enrolled. Why we need your help: Reimbursement rates don’t come close to covering the costs required to maintain a high-quality program. Only 40% of our costs are covered. That means that other resources are needed to fill the $7,000-a-year gap for every student enrolled in our Children and Youth Program.

Pediatric Therapy

At SOAR365, infants, toddlers and school-aged children - along with their families - are participating in specialized pediatric therapy sessions, often in their homes or other places where they typically spend their day. That’s because research suggests therapy is more effective is most effective when it takes place in a child’s natural environment. Our children, who have delays in development or have a diagnosed disability (such as Down syndrome, hearing and vision concerns, autism or cerebral palsy), get help from specially trained occupational, physical and speech therapists, and early childhood special educators. We understand the importance of working with family members as our partners, so they can learn how to effectively help their child with special needs develop movement, communication and daily living skills. Our model works! • 87% of our children show improvement within 6 months of starting therapy. • 100% of our families tell us they are better prepared and more confident to help their children. We helped 539 children and families in 2018. In fact, we’ve been helping children and families since 1976. That’s 10 years before Early Intervention programs like ours were mandated by federal law. • 85% of our patients – those under age three - are seen in places where they spend their day, such as their home or at their day care. • Each year, 30% of the children who are discharged from Pediatric Therapy will not need special education services. o In 2017, 110 children did not need special education when they were discharged. o That was $13 million in special education savings. Thirteen years of special education costs our public schools an additional $121,000 per child. In Virginia, the number of infants & toddlers who receive early intervention services is expected to increase by 29% (from 19,000 in 2017 to 24,700 in 2020). Why we need your help: Providing therapy in the natural environment – where children typically spend their days – is much more expensive than when it is offered in a clinical setting. Because therapists spend more time traveling, they see fewer patients, and insurance reimbursement rates don’t fully cover the costs of this effective, but expensive service model.