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Virginia Office on Volunteerism and Community Services

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Community Action VISTA Leader As a second year AmeriCorps member, the VISTA Leader will be responsible for recruitment, training, orientation, resource acquisition, and ongoing support for all national service members serving with the Community Action VISTA Program. The VISTA Leader reports to the Coordinator of the VISTA program in the CSBG office located in Richmond, VA. Responsibilities include: • Manage the overall success of the AmeriCorps VISTA Program by coordinating and reviewing data submitted by VISTA Members • Lead and coordinate recruitment efforts for all Community Action VISTA sites • Provide technical support to VISTA member applicants throughout the recruitment process • Organize and conduct orientations for new VISTA members • Provide support to current VISTA members, including mentoring, leading team meetings, and seeking additional resources to aid VISTA members’ professional development • Counsel VISTA members during exit and transition planning • Educate staff and community members about national service programs and their benefits • Plan and coordinate special service events that engage VISTA members Other Apr 10, 2019