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Virginia Voice, Inc.

Mission Statement Founded in 1978, the mission of Virginia Voice is “connecting individuals with disabilities to information, culture and community using technology and the human voice.” Our mission statement reflects the variety of technologies we now use to deliver our Audio Information Service, which includes readings of current print and on-line publications, as well as self-produced interview programs.  In keeping with our mission, we also now offer Live Audio Description for Theater, which provides equitable access to theater performances for individuals with vision impairment.The technologies used to deliver our Audio Information Service include not only closed-circuit radio and TV audio channels, but also a “responsive design” website that gives user-friendly access to live-streaming broadcasts and recorded programs on demand from any device that can access the internet.  The Live Audio Description for Theater program uses wireless technology to allow "audio describers" (positioned in the back of the theater) to provide real-time descriptions of the visual element of live theater performances in between the actors' dialogue.Our unique, unduplicated Audio Information Service uses volunteer readers to broadcast current news and information so that individuals challenged by blindness, vision impairments or other disabilities can stay connected to community life. We serve as eyes for those who cannot see and hands for those who cannot turn pages.Listeners of all ages rely on the volunteer readers of Virginia Voice to “see” the world through the nuanced sound of human voices. Both our programming and our delivery options are focused on connecting listeners to the people, places and events of Central Virginia and beyond. The voices of our volunteer readers bring listeners – day and night – not only news and information, but also opportunities for involvement in their community.Pursuing our defining purpose of connecting individuals with vision impairment with the broader community involves maintaining a full schedule (24 hours a day) of high quality, diverse programming obtaining up-to-date content from a wide variety of print and online sources producing programs that are relevant to different ages, needs and interests recruiting and retaining hundreds of volunteer readers and audio describers connecting with community organizations that serve our target population in order to reach more people with our service pursuing emerging technologies for more effective service delivery and marketingExtending our mission to provide equitable access to the performing arts  Like our Audio Information Service, our Live Audio Description program provides equitable access to people with vision impairment to the experiences and opportunities we share as a community.  Severe vision loss robs individuals of the connections to culture and community.  Virginia Voice strives to restore those connections, close the information gap, and alleviate feelings of social isolation and depression that often accompany the loss of sight.
Organization Type(s) Human Services

Primary Address P.O. Box 15546

Richmond, VA 23227
Mailing Address P.O. Box 15546

Richmond, 23227
Phone Number (804) 266 - 2477
Email Address jwark@virginiavoice.org




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History and Background

Incorporation Year 1978
Former Name(s) Former Name
Virginia Voice for the Print Handicapped, Inc.


Executive Director / CEO Mr. James Wark
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Program Name
Virginia Voice Audio Reading Service
Live Audio Description for Theater Program
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