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Help Somebody Hall of Fame: Patricia Taylor, CNA, Family Lifeline

As we continue to share stories and examples of great work in our community, through the Help Somebody Hall of Fame, we wanted to spotlight another unsung hero working in the nonprofit sector.  Often, the individuals working on the front line – with clients and hard to serve populations aren’t recognized for their tireless efforts to make a difference.

Jennifer Case, Program Manager for Family Lifeline’s Home Care Program reached out to ConnectVA and The Community Foundation to share more about her colleague, Pat Taylor – a Certified Nursing Assistant who is known for her can-do attitude, unwavering dedication to her patients, and attention to detail with care.  Here’s more about Pat and how she is making an impact throughout Greater Richmond:

How does Pat demonstrate the spirit of the “Help Somebody Hall of Fame”?

Patricia Taylor, or Pat, as she is known to her recipients of care, embodies the Spirit of the Help Somebody Hall of Fame through her work as a care provider in Family Lifeline’s Home Care Program.  She also embodies our vision of bringing health and hope into the home.  Providing hands-on one-on-one care to someone who needs assistance with personal hygiene, nutrition, as well as social interaction to combat loneliness is challenging work.  However, Pat always finds extra ways to serve her recipients of care and meet their needs while maintaining their dignity.  She has been working as a certified nursing assistant at Family lifeline for the last 2 ½ years and has 19 years’ professional experience as a care provider.

Pat puts the needs of her recipients of care and their family caregivers first and always goes above and beyond when providing care.  She takes time to get to know her recipients of care well.  She listens. She gives them a voice in the care they receive.  She asks how they like their hair done, what their favorite meals are, and/or what card games they like to play. To make someone feel special – she will paint their nails or fix that favorite meal.  No matter what her recipient of care needs or wants Patricia always finds a way to make them smile and brighten their day before she leaves their home. There is no task too small for Patricia to complete and no job too big for her to say yes too. Pat is truly a gift to the RVA community.

ABOVE: A video of Pat with one of her beloved clients in Family Lifeline’s Home Care Program, which works to promote health and wellness of individuals in the comfort and safety of their own home by providing supportive services that delay the need for costly institutional care, prevent illness and injury, and relieve the stresses placed on caregivers. 

What is the impact of Pat’s generosity?

At Family Lifeline, we measure our impact of our care one recipient at a time; and, being on the frontline of care – Pat plays a major role.  We ask ourselves daily:  Have we helped them remain independent and safe in their own home; remain free from falls and hospitalizations? Do the families of those in our care feel supported and cared for as well?   Do we help relieve worry and stress by providing trusted, consistent, and dependable care? Have we helped the community by delaying the cost of more expensive nursing facility care?

But, how do you measure how a warm bath and clean clothes feel? How do you measure the benefit of a home cooked meal on the body or the spirit?  How do you measure what a kind word, a laugh or listening ear means in the life of another person who may be socially isolated?  These intangibles are at the core of Pat’s generosity.   She not only gives her time, her expertise and skills – she gives her heart – and with that makes a huge individualized impact on the life of every older adult she visits.  As one of our family caregivers said, “Patricia is loving, caring…comes in with a big smile…talks to my mother, listens and includes her…”

She is also a mentor or role model to the care providers just starting out in this profession…we often use her standard of excellence in our orientations and trainings to help guide the next generation of care providers.


Is there anything else you want to share about Pat?

Recently, Pat has been experiencing her own health challenges; yet, she calls in to the office regularly to check on the care needs of her recipients of care and picks up every extra shift she can to ensure that everyone is receiving care. During the January 2017 Richmond snowstorm, Pat was not scheduled to work that weekend; yet, knowing that the storm would impact care and that there were vulnerable isolated older adults in need of care, she called the office to see if anyone needed care and went to the client most in need of care that day.  Going above and beyond…that’s Pat.

About the Help Somebody Hall of Fame:

The Help Somebody Hall of Fame is a platform to express gratitude for a person in the community who acts selflessly to improve the lives of others.  We want to share these stories in hope of inspiring more people in Greater Richmond to act with generosity.  There will be random drawing each quarter from those who are honored, and two honorees will select a nonprofit of their choice to receive $1000.  Read more about how to nominate someone here.

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