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Help Somebody Spotlight: Keri Treadway, Teacher, Richmond Public Schools

Keri is a first-grade teacher at Fox Elementary and has been with Richmond Public Schools for 14 years. Her dedication to her students and her city extends far beyond her day job, however.  She shows up, she organizes, she donates, she solicits support from local businesses, all in the name of the children she cares so deeply about.  Keri is a co-founder and organizer behind the “Support Richmond Public Schools” movement as well as “Building a Better RPS“.

Keri Treadway’s first grade classroom at Fox Elementary. She has a reading loft, artwork hanging from the ceiling, a listening station, and her classroom is decorated with polka dots!

Support Richmond Public Schools is a grassroots movement in the city of Richmond where community members connect, learn and advocate for positive change in the school system – from work environments, to salaries to funding and more.  Keri has helped organize several rallies and fundraisers through Support Richmond Public Schools.

Recently, she played a key role in advocating for a needs-based RPS budget. She is now focusing her attention on a campaign to urge elected officials to resist moving the Mayor’s Education Compact forward until a new Superintendent has been selected.

In addition to the “Support Our Schools” rallies and fundraisers she helped facilitate last year, Keri also coordinated volunteer efforts that led to over a dozen RPS schools being updated by volunteers over the summer through Building a Better RPS.

Building a Better RPS is a community based effort that brings change to the Richmond Public School System through projects and fundraising efforts to support students and teachers.  It was inspired by the momentum behind “Supporting Our Schools” and officially became a nonprofit last summer.

Keri and other board members from Building a Better RPS built partnerships with local restaurants and breweries to raise $20,000 last summer.  The money supports work like landscaping and enhancing the appearance of the schools.  The organization has frequent fundraisers, and the next one will take place at Garden Grove Brewery.

Keri volunteering with Building a Better RPS – an organization she co-founded and is a board member.

Keri has also helped other teachers set up DonorsChoose projects. DonorsChoose.org is a national nonprofit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects.

The person who nominated Keri for the “Help Somebody Hall of Fame” says that “she is a fierce warrior and we are lucky to have teachers like her advocating for our children.”

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with the work of Support Richmond Public Schools or get involved with their work, request to join their Facebook group.  Now that school is winding down for summer, you can join Building a Better RPS at an upcoming volunteer project; the next one is taking place at Armstrong High School, where community members will help landscape the school.  Visit HandsOn Greater Richmond’s site for more opportunities to volunteer at Richmond Public Schools.


About the Help Somebody Hall of Fame

The Help Somebody Hall of Fame is a platform to express gratitude for a person in the community who acts selflessly to improve the lives of others.  We want to share these stories in hope of inspiring more people in Greater Richmond to act with generosity.  There will be random drawing from those who are honored, and two honorees will select a nonprofit of their choice to receive $1000.  Read more about how to nominate someone here.

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