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Adult Programs Counselor

Commonwealth Autism

About CA: CA works to impact capacity development for human service systems, so all individuals can be securely included across the broad spectrum of our community-through quality education, healthcare & housing access, civic activities, and employment.


•24 hours once per month (every 4th Weekend) – Saturday 11pm to Sunday 11pm
•Eligible for additional hours throughout week (based on staffing need)
•No more than 35 hours per week

Primary function of the Position:

Support young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder by teaching independent living skills and connecting them with community resources to enhance well-being and integration into the community.

Specific requirements of the Position:

•Provide a safe place by following all safety guidelines, rules and measures, and reporting any client concern in a timely manner.
•Maintain an atmosphere that is friendly and courteous by coaching and modeling appropriate social interaction. •Communicate clearly about social expectations.
•Assess independent living skills of all community-based clients through formal assessments, records-review, observation and interviews.
•Target specific areas of personal development, working with the Adult Services Manager to create goals and measure progress, modifying goals as needed.
•Maintain weekly case notes about client progress and future planning.
•Arrange schedule of CSS visits and communicate any changes/updates to your schedule with other counselors and the •Manager of Adult Programs.
•Engage in outreach and recruitment efforts to extend community-based services to new clients.
•Communicate with client families as needed to address client concerns.
•Teach and build client independence in the following skill areas
•Household duties such as cleaning, laundry, meal preparation
•Grocery shopping and creating shopping lists
•Meal planning
•Health, medication, and hygiene needs and concerns
•Daily schedules and time management skills
•Financial planning and record-keeping
•Support clients in using public transportation options and occasionally transporting clients as needed.
•Plan, implement and join in recreational programs with client input.
•Respect privacy and maintain confidentiality.
•Answer inquiries from the public by phone and in person in a professional manner.
•Communicate clearly and in a timely fashion with the Manager of Adult Programs and other counselors about any concerns about residents/clients, the house, and vehicles by using the “Staff Notes Log.” Read and add to these logs as appropriate on each shift.
•Handle emergencies of a physical, health, or mental nature in a timely and appropriate fashion, notifying the Manager of Adult Programs or other designated official.

Required Qualifications:
Qualifications: •Experience working with adults with disabilities highly desirable in fields such as counseling, teaching, supervised group living. •Strong communication skills. •Ability to interact positively with adults with developmental disorders. •Ability to use electronic equipment, such as, computer, telephone, DVD player, etc. •Ability to use household equipment, such as, stove, oven, washer, dryer, vacuum, etc. •Excellent organizational skills. •Good driving record. •First Aid certification desirable. •CPR certification desirable. Education: •Bachelor’s degree in a human services or related field required and at least one year of work experience in a clinical or human service setting preferred •Training or education in working with adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder highly desirable.
•Retirement – 401(K) Company pays 3% safe harbor and up to 4% after vesting periods
How to apply:
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Commonwealth Autism