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Graduation Site Coordinator

Communities In Schools of Petersburg

Position Description

Job Title: Graduation Site Coordinator
Department: Petersburg High School
Reports To: Executive Supervision: President/CEO
Direct Supervision: Director of Program Operations
FSLA Status: Full Time
Compensation $40,000/yr

The Graduation Site Coordinator will provide assistance to all high school students, individually and in groups, regarding high school graduation and completion, including but not limited to analyzing data to identify students or subgroups with potential high school graduation problems; planning, implementing, and tracking individual high school graduation plans; identifying and resolving barriers to graduation; and facilitating career choices and planning as well as work to improve graduation rates for all population subgroups and overall planning and the implementation of the CIS model of integrated student supports.

Implementation of the CIS model of integrated student supports:

– Engage a school support team that works closely with school administrators, staff and teachers in the implementation of the CIS model. The team may include other CIS employees, volunteers, schools staff or faculty and/or other community partners. This process will include the building and nurturing of school staff relations, relationships to school and community and the engagement of volunteers for the delivery of services.
Lead the annual needs assessment process. This process will be based on data collected by school districts and schools as part of overall school improvement plans, surveys and discussions with staff, parents and students, and evaluation results from the previous year.
– Lead the development and implementation of the school support plan. The plan will include measurable objectives, as well as procedures for delivering widely available services (Tier I), targeted services (Tier II), and intensive, individualized services (Tier III), monitoring and adjusting services, and evaluating and reporting effectiveness.
– Lead and coordinate the delivery of evidence-based services based on best practice and risk factor research. The three tiers of support will be provided to address identified school-wide needs or to build and reinforce student assets. Targeted and individualized services will be coordinated and provided at the school for specific students who are identified as having the greatest risk of eventually dropping out of school.
– Monitoring and adjust services. The Site Coordinator will monitor and adjust services as needed to maximize effectiveness and impact.
– Evaluate the effectiveness at achieving school and student individualized goals. The Site Coordinator will implement a systematic data collection plan to evaluate the effectiveness of services in achieving school-wide goals and addressing the needs of individual students.
Annual Reporting. Annual end-of-year reports will be provided to school and affiliate leadership which are instrumental in planning services for the following year, as well as contributing to affiliate level reports for partners, the state office (if appropriate) and the Communities In Schools national office.
– The statements contained herein describe the scope of the responsibility and essential functions of this position, but should not be considered to be an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may perform other duties as assigned, including work in other areas to cover absences or relief to equalize peak work periods or otherwise balance the workload. Other duties may be assigned by President/CEO or Director of Program Operations as required.

******This is a 2 yr position*****

Required Qualifications:
QUALIFICATIONS Work acumen to improve graduation rates for all population subgroups within the school by performing the following: - Understand and apply basic child and adolescent development principles. - Communicate and develop positive relationships with youth. - Adapt, facilitate and evaluate age appropriate activities with and for the group. - Respect and honor cultural and human diversity. - Involve and empower youth. - Identify potential risk factors (in a program environment) and take measures to reduce risk. - Care for, involve and work with families and community. - Work as part of a team and show professionalism. - Demonstrate the attributes and qualities of a positive role model. - Interact with and relate to youth in ways that support asset building. - Utilize the components of a profile of characteristics of potential dropouts with the high probability of not graduating; - Monitor progress of students scoring significantly below proficiency levels; - Conduct an analysis that focuses on data for individual students and subgroups such : StateStandardizedTests National Standardized Tests:SATandACT LocalRecords:attendance records, behavior records, teacher conferences, grade retention records, and records of credits earned; Develop and implement individual intervention strategies to increase the likelihood that these students will stay in school and graduate; - Work with students to develop a graduation and achievement plan to include the best program to meet academic and post-secondary goals; Track the progress of individual and subpopulations of students as they progress toward graduation; Identify and link social agencies with youth at risk of not graduating and their parents/guardians; Collaborate/Facilitate quarterly vertical team meetings among elementary, middle, and high school staff to develop action steps to improve individual student and subgroup transition success rate; Provide and/or submit reports to the Director of Program Operations on case managed graduation status Other duties within the scope of the position duties as assigned by the supervisor. EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE Bachelor’s degree or demonstrated relevant equivalent experience in education, social work or related field. Must have a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance. LANGUAGE SKILLS Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to analyze and interpret business periodicals, professional journals, technical manuals, and governmental regulations. Ability to write and edit reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from managers, clients, and the general public, orally and in writing. Ability to speak effectively to guest, candidates or employees of the organization.
Benefits are commensurate with other non-profit organizations.
How to apply:
Please submit resume', cover letter, and three references to cis@cisofpetersburg.org.
Posting Organization:
Communities In Schools of Petersburg