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Preschool Teacher

Rural Family Development, Inc., Head Start

The Preschool Teacher will have the following responsibilities:

Oversees daily classroom operations including activities of children and staff. Teach safety and transportation safety rules to classroom staff and children the first 30 days of enrollment and ensure they are followed throughout the day. Use space, materials and routines as resources for constructing an interesting environment that encourages exploration and provides activities that are appropriate to the children’s age and level of development including children with special needs. Oversee care and usage of equipment and supplies by taking inventory and submitting supplies lists to the Education and Disabilities Manager by the 1st of each month. Confer with the Family Services Coordinator or the Family Engagement/ Health Manager to incorporate educational elements of the FPA in classroom lesson planning and school readiness plans. Use center resource library to plan challenging activities, materials and experiences appropriate for the developmental levels of the children. Provide experiences with the assistance of the Teacher Assistant that stimulates children to explore and express their creative abilities. Encourage and plan art, music, dance and dramatic play that allow children to use their imagination. Help each child to know, accept and take pride in him/herself and to develop a sense of independence. Recognize and respect the variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds represented. Foster the growth of children with disabilities in the classroom. Write lesson plans for group and individual children, incorporate IEP/IFSP goals and ensure planned activities have a balance of teacher initiated and child directed daily. Adhere to and practice RFD Positive Discipline policies. Work with Teacher Assistant(s) to plan activities that emphasize thinking skills, including space, shapes, numbers, letters and outdoor explorations. Responsible for the timely completion of all tasks related to ongoing assessment, planning and child outcomes measurement, if applicable. Follow and implement mental health prevention and intervention strategies as delineated in the RFD Mental Health Plan and in consultation with the Education and Disabilities Manager and other community mental hygiene supports. Include and implement activities recommended by the Mental Health Consultant, RFD Mental Health Plan, and Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)/Individualized Education Plan (IEP), lesson plan or Technical Assistance Providers. Work with the Education and Disabilities Manager in the planning and implementation of RFD Transition Plan (if applicable). Ensure activities are integrated into lesson plans. Follow procedures to achieve smooth transitions from classroom to classroom as indicated in the RFD Classroom to Classroom Transition Process. Follow procedures and guidance described in the RFD Written Curriculum. Closely supervise and maintain awareness at all times of children assigned as primary responsibility in accordance with the RFD Primary and Consistent Caregiving and Injury Prevention Plan Procedures and in accordance with Federal and State group ratios. Work with the Special Needs Assistant Teacher as applicable to integrate IFSP/IEP goals. Update progress on IFSP/IEP goals monthly on lesson plan, Parent Report/Parent Bulletin or during home visits and Parent-Teacher Conferences. Collaborate, plan and implement kindergarten transition activities with children, their families, Kindergarten teachers and principals to adequately plan for successful transition. Participate in Community Assessment and self-assessment according to timeline and tasks as established in plan. Participate in the implementation of the RFD Recruitment Plan as indicated.

Required Qualifications:
Associates’ (AA/AS) or Bachelor of Art (BA) /Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Early Childhood Education or equivalent coursework, with experience of teaching preschool aged children.
Compensation is based on education and experience.
This is position is full-time, School Calendar, 52 weeks, Exempt. Generous benefits package including health insurance, dental insurance and paid time off.
How to apply:
Please send resumes and cover letters to greenerl@vacouncilofchurches.org.
Posting Organization:
Rural Family Development, Inc., Head Start