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Program Evaluation for Corner Farm, a Healthy Corner Store Initiative

Tricycle Gardens

In 2017 Tricycle was awarded a two-year USDA Community Food Projects Grant for expansion of the Corner Farm program with the overall goal to cultivate sustainable solutions to the economic, geographic, and cultural determinants which have resulted in elevated diet-related disease rates among both adult and youth populations within low-income minority neighborhoods through the city of Richmond. Specific aims include:
Increase the number of participating stores with a tiered approach
Widen the scope of the program by supporting expansion into nine additional stores
Increase the number of families and children served by food skills education program
Utilize stores to meet the need for healthy prepared and Grab and Go food items

Tricycle is a Richmond, VA based urban agriculture nonprofit organization, and we are on a mission to grow a healthy future through urban agriculture. Since breaking ground on our first garden, we have engaged thousands of neighbors and shown that the simple act of growing food is an incredibly powerful way to impact the overall health of the environment and our community. This work addresses a myriad of challenging issues, and ultimately our mission is about FOOD:
F: Focus on Community Needs
O: Outreach & Education
O: Opportunities for Healthy Food Access
D: Design of Beautiful Spaces

Posting Organization:
Tricycle Gardens
Project Deliverables:
Evaluator Roles Design an Evaluation Plan - Work with the Mission Manager to design an overall evaluation plan that reflects Tricycle’s mission and values and aligns each output and outcome measure with a numeric indicator, an evaluation tool, and an implementation plan. Included in the plan will be a clear timeline of evaluation activities. Refine Evaluation Tools – Pull together all current Food Access evaluation tools and refine and develop additional tools needed such that a cohesive set of evaluation instruments are in place for current and future projects. Create Data Analysis Tools – Develop tools to compile and analyze all evaluation data collected with clear protocols for use. Guide Evaluation Implementation - work with the Tricycle team to ensure effective and strategic implementation of evaluation data gathering. Present Baseline Summary – Utilizing data collection to date, include a baseline assessment and recommendations for impact targets and indicators. Analyze Data – Utilizing tools developed summarize evaluation results, highlight key themes and observations, report on progress towards goals and initial findings, include recommendations for adjustments and present in a draft report. Meet with Tricycle Team to Review Data – Review findings with the Tricycle team and explore implications of data findings. Refine Data Analysis and Create Final Report –to include summarize data results, key themes and recommended action steps.
Project Goals & Objectives:
Tricycle is seeking an experienced food systems evaluator or evaluation team to design and implement a robust evaluation of our two-year Community Food Projects program. The evaluation will build on current data sets collected since 2016, enhance evaluation protocol with new evaluation tools, create systems and tools for data analysis, and report on evaluation findings. We anticipate a collaborative approach that builds organizational capacity for evaluation and engages the Tricycle team. Core Evaluation Questions How has healthy food access been increased for residents of Richmond? How have corner stores been enhanced for residents of Richmond? How have program participants been impacted by program activities? Project Scope and Timeline Tricycle has committed $10,000 for this 13-month evaluation inclusive of travel and material expenses. The evaluation project timeline is: August 1 — Deadline For Proposals September 30 — Evaluation Contract Awarded October 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019 — Project Period Eligibility Criteria Experience with evaluation design and implementation, specifically with data analysis tools Understanding of a community food system, specifically corner store initiatives Experience and reputation for service, judgment, integrity, communication, and reliability Excellent communication skills both verbal and written Experience working with USDA Community Food Project programs a plus Commitment to diversity and inclusion in both value and practice Freedom from potential conflict of interest
Project Challenges:
Project Budget:
Funder Endorsed:
Project Timeframe Start:
01 Mon October, 2018
Project Timeframe End:
31 Sat August, 2019
RFP Closing Date
01 Wed August, 2018
Project Skill Area/Classification:
Program Planning/Evaluation
Project Location:
How to Apply:
How To Apply Proposals will be accept until August 1, 2018 and should describe your organization, relevant expertise and capacity, and strategic approach to evaluation. The proposal must describe the following: Organization Information: Your organization/consulting name and contact information; Key contact name, title and contact information; Curricula vitae/resumes/bios for key project staff. Issue Alignment: Your interest and value alignment with corner store market development and related food system efforts. Issue Expertise: Your expertise conducting evaluations for non-profit programs or USDA CFP grants on corner store initiatives or other related fields of practice. Organizational Capacity: The team structure you propose to coordinate and execute this advocacy effort including roles and responsibilities; Experience in evaluation, logic model development and tool design; Qualities that make you or your organization a good fit for this project. Strategy & Approach: What you perceive as central to evaluation effectiveness; Draft recommendations on strategies that will be used for evaluation; Key team members involved in evaluation and roles that each will play. Budget: A budget estimate for how the $10,000 will be invested to conduct evaluation and reporting. References: Contact information for two clients you have worked with in the last two years. Please be concise and limit narrative proposal length to 2-3 pages (exclusive of the budget and bios/resumes). Inquiries and proposals can be directed to Isabel Eljaiek, isabel@tricycleurbanag.org. Proposals must be submitted by August 1, 2018.