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Spanish Teacher

Orchard House School

Orchard House School
Spanish Teacher and 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher
(Revised 6-25-2020)

General Information:
• Teaches grades 5-8 middle school Spanish
• A ten-month, full-time salaried teacher with all applicable benefits.
• The two-year sixth (Spanish I-A) & seventh (Spanish I-B) grade class is a Spanish I high school level class
• Spanish II (eighth grade) is a high school level class
• Additional key duties: 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher, CORE and Explore Teacher, and other duties as determined by the Head of School
• 5th Grade Technology Teacher (preferred not required)

Reports to: Head of School FLSA Status: Exempt

Responsibilities (Spanish): Ability to envision, design in detail, develop, and execute a four-year, well-rounded Spanish program that relies upon the development of listening and reading comprehension, the acquisition of conversational skills, and the building of a solid vocabulary related to everyday topics, beginning to intermediate grammar topics, and writing. In addition, cultural comparisons of holidays, daily customs, history, geography, traditions, and other common practices in Spanish-speaking countries and the United States of America are also emphasized. The curriculum covers the following areas:

Grade 5: Foundations of Spanish
Grade 6: Spanish I-A: Introduction to the basic structures of the Spanish language
Grade 7: Spanish I-B: More in-depth exploration of the basic structures of the Spanish language. Upon completion of Spanish I-A and Spanish I-B, students receive high school credit for Spanish I.
Grade 8: Spanish II: Intermediate level Spanish vocabulary, grammar, conversation, and writing

Job Description (Spanish):
The Spanish teacher is responsible for the following essential duties:
(1) Teaching four sections of a language;
(2) Using teaching techniques that support the mission and philosophy of the school which include discovery and constructivist approaches to learning;
(3) Establishing a learning environment that inspires learning;
(4) Attending faculty and departmental meetings;
(5) Communicating with parents through conferences and other means;
(6) Completing student reports in a timely manner;
(7) Following personnel policies as described in the Employee Handbook and supporting student behaviors as described in the Family Handbook.
(8) Participating fully in the life of the school in terms of academics (providing high quality instruction to students); professionalism (continually focusing on professional growth and renewal); culture (engaging in collegial activities and supporting all members of the school community).

Job Description (Technology Teacher):
The Technology Teacher is responsible for the following essential duties:
(1) general technology education
(2) design and implement an ongoing OHS technology skills continuum for students
(3) lead, develop, and teach an ongoing comprehensive technology curriculum for grade 5
(4) support student proficiencies with NETS(S) and the OHS Technology Skills Continuum
(5) evaluate and track student attainment of technological skills and proficiency for 5th grade
(6) develop and implement systems and methods for evaluating student’s individual progress
(7) support students in use of current software (MS office, Google Applications, etc.)

Essential Skills (Spanish and Technology Teacher):
(1) Bachelor’s Degree (required) with Spanish as a major; Master’s Degree (preferred); Endorsement in Spanish is optional;
(2) A minimum of two years experience teaching in a school environment (preferred);
(3) Knowledge of middle school girls’ education; passion for teaching and for working with middle school students;
(4) Strong communication and organizational skills; ability to apply technology effectively;
(5) Strong instructional planning and preparation skills; ability to evaluate all students’ progress consistently and effectively;
(6) Ability to teach in a manner that supports different learning styles;
(7) Ability to hold students to high but not necessarily uniform standards;
(8) Willingness and ability to assess student work in multiple ways and in a timely manner;
(9) Flexibility; commitment to refining familiar teaching strategies and to exploring and developing new teaching strategies, including online/distance education teaching;
(10) Strong orientation towards personal/professional growth and success;
(11) Strong orientation towards teamwork, institutional success, and community success.

Required Qualifications:
(1) Bachelor’s Degree (required) with Spanish as a major; Master’s Degree (preferred); Endorsement in Spanish is optional; (2) A minimum of two years experience teaching in a school environment (preferred);
Benefits package including health insurance
How to apply:
Applicants for this position must submit an application, resume, and cover letter to Doug Welch, Director of Operations, at dwelch@orchardhouse.org.
Posting Organization:
Orchard House School