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Learning Center Tips: Get Resource Guides from Community Conversations

For many years, the Community Foundation has offered learning opportunities for nonprofit professionals in a variety of formats – leadership programs, networking opportunities, classes and training, to name a few.  Earlier this year, we announced a few programming changes, which you can read more about here.

A new element that has been added is a focus on emerging trends in the sector (locally or nationally) called “Community Conversations”.  The seats for these events are free, but limited, and tend to go quickly.

On the Learning Center you can now view resources from those conversations, in case you couldn’t make it to the event or if you want copies of digital versions of handouts, power point slides, relevant links or community curated content.

To be able to access these resource guides (or sign up for any class) you must:

Go to ConnectVA.org and register/login

  1. Registered users – Login with your existing email and password.
  2. New users – Register by entering your first name, last name, and email. Then set your own password and save it somewhere safe for future reference.
    • Please be sure to check Spam/Junk/Clutter boxes for your new account email verification. To complete your full profile, open your personal navigation menu from the left side of the page and click on “Go to your profile.”

Proceed to the Learning Center, under ‘Learn’ tab

  • View our Course Catalog
  • Select the Resource Guide (or any other course) you desire by pressing ‘Get this course’
  • Once you have the course, the orange button will say ‘Start or resume course’ in the individual course listing. For Resource Guides, simply ‘Start’ the course to view the materials.

Here are some recent Community Conversations and links to their respective Resource Guides:

Tax Law for Nonprofits Community Conversation

In February the Community Foundation and The Institute on Philanthropy invited speaker Bill Gray, Partner at McGuireWoods LLP, to speak about tax law changes and how they might impact the nonprofit world.   The presentation addressed what you might need to know as a nonprofit about new tax laws, how you might prepare your organization, how to adjust fundraising strategies, and more.   Check out the resource guide, which offers the full presentation by McGuire Woods, information about charitable bundling from the Community Foundation and a recent tax law checklist for nonprofit board and staff members created by the National Council of Nonprofits.

Community Conversation with the Office of Community Wealth Building

On March 30, 2018 the Community Foundation hosted Reggie Gordon, Director of the Office of Community Wealth Building (OCWB), for its second Community Conversation.  Reggie and his team have spent the past year in due diligence to best understand the needs of RVA residents who face challenges in accessing living wage jobs, affordable and safe housing, a quality medical home, and overall financial stability.  During the Community Conversation participants learned more about the major OCWB initiatives, plans for the year ahead, and had the opportunity to give insights and suggestions on how to best work together to achieve common goals across sectors.

In the resource guide, you will find an infographic created by the OCWB called “Where Do You Stand?” that illustrates the climb (a ladder is depicted) an individual (and family of 4) must embark upon to reach financial independence locally.  Also included, is a recent City Council presentation and a 2018 Annual Report.

#metoo is Us Too! Community Conversation

In April, the Community Foundation and the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (VSDVAA) jointly presented a free learning event for nonprofit professionals with speakers Kristi VanAudenhove (Executive Director), Jonathan Yglesias (Policy Director), and Ki’ara Montgomery (Member and Donor Liaison) from VSDVAA.

Drawing on lessons learned from public health and social change movements, Kristi, Jonathan, and Ki’ara discussed the risk factors for sexual harassment, the protective factors that make for a healthier workplace where harassment is less likely to happen, and benchmarks to ensure that sexual harassment is handled well when it does happen. The session included interactive elements, including tools for assessing risk and protective factors in your agency, which will be posted soon on the resource guide.  Also included are relevant blog articles from Nonprofit AF, Nonprofit Quarterly and Chronicle of Philanthropy.


Want to join our upcoming free Nonprofit Community Conversation: Engaging Community Voice on May 24th for a panel discussion with Ryan Rinn, Director of Storefront for Community Design, Albert Walker, Director of Healthy Communities at Bon Secours Health System, Mary Thompson, 65-year resident of Church Hill, and Chanel Bea, founding member of Engage Richmond.  The Engaging Community Voice panel will delve into the collective wisdom and experience of the panelists who have worked on issues of neighborhood planning, revitalization and design, community health, civic engagement, housing and other pressing issues that face our community. They will reflect on the diversity of ways they have engaged residents in community change as they actively dialogue with the audience about engaging community voice in their work.

Sign up quick, we’ve almost sold out.

You can also sign up for the complimentary course Engaging Community Voice on June 9th.  This is a 3 hour workshop that will help participants design and plan effective community engagement that is clear in the level of input, goals and impact, involves (and hopefully empowers) a diversity of community stakeholders, employs strong recruitment and communication strategies and utilizes a diversity of meeting types and tools.


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