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Nonprofit Directory Launching on ConnectVA

The Community Foundation is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new Nonprofit Directory on ConnectVA.org. On September 24th, the directory will combine the best of two well-known and well-utilized resources – ConnectVA and GiveRichmond – into one location.

“After gathering feedback from the community, we will streamline our two systems to provide a more seamless experience for nonprofits needing to share information, as well as individuals seeking it,” said Scott Blackwell, Chief Community Engagement Officer at the Foundation. “Going forward, we will continue to evolve ConnectVA to build bridges within and across sectors for improved organizational communication and maximum impact.”

The Nonprofit Directory now allows organizations to provide a high-level overview of their organization, or they can go one step further to showcase detailed financial data, organizational leadership and key programs. Visitors to the site will also enjoy easy access to other popular features of ConnectVA including current job postings, upcoming events, human services and listings for items needed or available. This change is part of the Community Foundation’s ongoing effort to create efficiencies, promote transparency and build connections that help advance the important work of the region’s nonprofit sector.

Important Things to Know:

  • Data Transfer – All live GiveRichmond portraits will automatically transfer to the ConnectVA Nonprofit Directory.
  • Administrators – GiveRichmond administrators will be automatically registered on ConnectVA.org (if not already registered) and added as administrators for the Nonprofit Directory. You will continue to use your email address on file as your login, but will be prompted to update your password.
  • Donations – The Community Foundation will no longer process online donations. Instead, the Nonprofit Directory will include a “Donate” button that can be linked directly to your organization’s online giving page.
  • User Guide – We are in the process of creating a user guide, which will describe in more detail your profile options, eligibility for each, required fields and more. Trainings will also be offered in early October.

Key Dates:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 12th – Last day organizations can submit near term updates to their GiveRichmond portraits. Data entered after this date is not guaranteed to transfer to the new directory.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19th – Deadline to submit your online giving link to Phil Giaramita to ensure it is included in your Nonprofit Directory profile at launch. After this date, you will be responsible for completing this data field in the Nonprofit Directory on ConnectVA.
  • Monday, Sept. 24th – Launch of the new Nonprofit Directory on ConnectVA.



Does it cost anything to be included in the ConnectVA Nonprofit Directory?

The Nonprofit Directory is a FREE service provided by the Community Foundation, regardless of which profile option you choose.  There is also no cost to view the directory.

What is a Standard profile?

A standard profile includes an overview of the organization, including a general description, contact information, mission, classification, location and key programs.  It allows an organization to post jobs, events, items needed or available, and more.

Which organizations are eligible for a Standard profile?

A standard profile can be created by any nonprofit or government entity in Virginia. A profile is required to post jobs, events, items needed or available or announcements by the organization.

What is an Enhanced profile?

An enhanced profile is similar to a GiveRichmond portrait and includes more detailed information in categories such as Leadership, Financials and Programs. You may also include pictures and videos associated with your mission. As with the standard profile, organizations with enhanced profiles may also post jobs, events, items needed or available and announcements by the organization.

Nonprofit Organizations who have a live GiveRichmond portrait will automatically have an Enhanced profile when the Nonprofit Directory is launched.

Which organizations are eligible for an Enhanced profile?

Organizations may voluntarily upgrade to a free Enhanced profile if they meet the following criteria:

  • 501(c)(3) organization that is required to file a Form 990 by the IRS
  • Located in, or provide significant support to, the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond’s service area. This includes our affiliate service area covering specific counties in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck. See details

Is the Enhanced profile required for Community Foundation grantees?

  • An enhanced profile will be required for all organizations who wish to submit an application for a competitive grant program managed by the Community Foundation. Please check with other local funders, as some will also require an Enhanced profile.

What will happen with my GiveRichmond portrait?

All live GiveRichmond portraits will automatically transfer to the ConnectVA Nonprofit Directory on September 24th. To assist with the change in navigation, visitors to the GiveRichmond website will be automatically redirected to the Nonprofit Directory through early 2019.

Will there continue to be a connection to GuideStar?

No. ConnectVA will not interface with GuideStar. If you wish to edit your GuideStar profile, you can find more information here.


How do I access/manage my new ConnectVA organization profile?

If you are currently GiveRichmond portrait manager for your organization, you will automatically be registered on ConnectVA with the email address you have been using to sign in to GiveRichmond (if you aren’t already registered) and be given administrative privileges for your organization by the time the Nonprofit Directory launches.  More details and instructions coming soon!

Donate/Volunteer Options

Will the nonprofit directory accept donations?

No. Donations will not be processed through ConnectVA. However, the Enhanced profile will include a “Donate” button. The button will link to the donation page on the organization’s website.


What if my organization does not have online giving?

We will recommend some options, such as Network for Good or Paypal.

How will my organization’s donation page be entered into the Enhanced profile?

If you would like the donation button for your organization to be live on the Enhanced profile on launch day, September 24th, please email Phil Giaramita the URL link to your donation page by September 12th.

Can my organization promote volunteer opportunities, in addition to monetary donations?

Yes. Organizations have the option to enter their profile page on HandsOnRVA.org, which includes links to all posted volunteer opportunities. If you are not yet a HandsOn Greater Richmond partner organization, we encourage you to take advantage of this local resource for managing and tracking volunteer projects.


When will the new Nonprofit Directory launch on ConnectVA?

The Nonprofit Directory on ConnectVA will launch on September 24th 2018.

September 12th is last day to make updates to your GiveRichmond portrait. On that date, GiveRichmond data will be transferred to become Enhanced profiles in ConnectVA. The new directory will launch on September 24th and any additional edits can be made at that time, and any time after, through ConnectVA.


If you have any questions, please email Phil Giaramita

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