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Adult day health care

Program Description

 Adult day health care
is the core service provided by Circle Center according to licensing standards
of the Virginia Department of Social Services.  The Center has a three
year (maximum) license for substantially exceeding the standards.  The
Center is also a Medicaid-certified adult day health care center, meeting
standards of the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services.  The
six-day-a-week program at Circle Center provides a variety of
services, based on the assessed needs of each person. Services include a
written individualized care plan, daily nursing (RN) care, social work
services, emotional and cognitive support, a unique Montessori-based program
for those with dementia, a multisensory environment, a wellness program in
dedicated space (including strength, balance, flexibility training), cognitive
and physical games, arts and crafts, music programs led by a Music
Therapist. Also, included is breakfast,
lunch and two snacks, help with personal care including showers, support groups
for participants and caregivers, educational seminars and counseling for
caregivers, caregiver respite and coordination of transportation.

Primary Population Served

Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens

Success Stories

Results from 7/09 through 6/10 include: 100% (124/124) of those served met the criteria for nursing home care, but used adult daycare at Circle Center instead. They were able to live at home 30,271 days longer at a savings to their family and taxpayers of at least $4,345,902. Family caregivers (58/76) also reported improved quality of their lives: 100% reported Circle Center helped them cope 100% said the Center met their needs for help with caregiving 98% reported use of the Center’s support and educational resources 95% reported the Center helped them maintain valued life roles such as worker, caregiver, volunteer and church member

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