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Adult Literacy Services

Program Description

The READ Center provides 1:1 tutoring and classroom instruction to adults 18 and older who want to improve their literacy skills. To inquire, or refer for help, call 804-228-9930.

The READ Center serves adults reading at between a 0-7th grade level. 76% of READ students read at or below the 5th grade level, while 58% are beginning readers and read at or below the 3rd grade level. Beginning readers are typically placed in classes which meet twice each week for two hours each class and provide a structured learning environment.

Students at a 4th grade reading level or above have basic reading skills and have the option to be paired with a 1:1 tutor. Pairs meet at least once a week for two hours. On average it takes 100-150 hours of instruction for an adult learner to increase one grade level in reading.

Program Address

4915 Radford Avenue, Ste. 204 Richmond Virginia 23230


Adult Education


Richmond City

Primary Population Served

Adults who need literacy assistance

Success Stories

LaToya wanted to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), which meant she’d have to go back to school and pass an exam. That’s challenging for anyone, but for LaToya, that was an almost insurmountable obstacle because of her reading level. The READ Center, which helps adults with low literacy develop basic reading, communication, math, and digital skills, matched the aspiring CNA with a tutor who is a retired Navy nurse. After two years of hard work, LaToya graduated from the Virginia School for Nurses Aides with an “A” average and then went on to pass her Virginia State Board of Nursing exam with flying colors. LaToya now has a job as a CNA doing what she loves—helping patients. More than 73,000 adults in the metro Richmond area lack basic literacy skills. Many come to the READ Center with goals like LaToya’s, such as attaining a GED, reading medical information, helping their children with homework or reading the Bible. Through classroom instruction and one-to-one tutoring, the nonprofit helps these adults achieve these personal goals and their full potential as employees, parents and community members. “When I was younger, I had a hard time in school trying to learn,” says William, another READ Center student. “Now I have a chance to learn. I am back in school and now I have FUN learning. I am proud to be able to read and I want to thank all of my teachers and tutors for their help.”

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