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Anna Julia Cooper School Art Program

Program Description

Once a week, Art for the Journey rolls into Anna Julia Cooper School, a haven tucked amidst housing projects, to deliver a day of rich and diverse art lessons to 4th – 8th graders. Students receive professional art instruction and are given the tools to engage in therapeutic self-expression and visual arts exploration.

Students engage in a rich range of art experiences within a nurturing, structured, and person-centered environment. The curriculum immerses children in the artwork of influential artists and cultures, facilitating appropriate exploration through discussion and in standard media techniques.

The students respond to the content through drawing, painting, pastel, paper collage, weaving, mask-making, clay, jewelry-making, and mixed media work. With a small student-to-teacher ratio, the children are guided in critical thinking and design process, creative expression and self-reflection. These practices become tools they use, not just to navigate their own formative life circumstances, but to reinforce the emotional intelligence and creative resilience they need to grow into flourishing community leaders.

Program Address

2124 N 29th St. Richmond Virginia 23233


Early Childhood Development


Richmond City

Primary Population Served

Underserved youth 4th - 8th Grade

Success Stories

Color is happiness on paper! Danielle, 7th Grade

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