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Art and Music

Program Description

Riverside’s Art and Music Programs are unique avenues for self-discovery and self-expression, and help students foster an increased understanding of the world around them. Students have the opportunity to manipulate materials and the environment in the studio, and symbolically explore, organize, and assimilate meaning from a complex world of ideas and experience. The music program introduces students to basic components of music such as rhythm and pitch, and includes instruction on instruments such a Orff instruments and percussion.

Program Address

2110 McRae Road North Chesterfield Virginia 23235

Primary Population Served

Children Only (5 - 14 years)

Success Stories

Thanks to grant funding, Riverside successfully launched an interactive music unit using the ORO Visual Music App. ORO engages the neural atypical student by opening the door to an intuitive world of patterns and sounds, where they can experience creative flow on their own touch screen. Students learn rhythm, melody, and harmony while creating music, and they also gain self-confidence and experience developmental growth. The program was such a hit with students that we were happy to bring it back in 2019 thanks to further grant funding!

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