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Building Healthy Futures

Program Description

View the Peace Begins at Home video at: http://www.vsdvalliance.org/#/prevention/building-healthy-futures

The Peace Begins at Home license plate is Virginia’s only license plate to help fund prevention of sexual and domestic violence. Help us spread the word with these tools!

Virginia’s Sexual and Domestic and Violence Advocacy Agencies are engaged in a wide variety of prevention efforts across the state – and they are struggling to fund those initiatives.

Every dollar invested in prevention not only changes the lives of individuals, but also saves literally hundreds of dollars in the costs associated with future violence. However, public funding is very limited and less than 1/3 of Virginia’s Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocacy Agencies receive any of these limited funds. The Building Healthy Futures Fund will offer an opportunity for communities to work together to raise private dollars – to benefit everyone.

Our first initiative to raise private dollars is a specialized license plate that supports the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence.

The Peace Begins at Home special license plates are now available at the DMV website.

Program Address

5008 Monument Avenue, Suite A Richmond Virginia 23230


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