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Child Advocacy Center (CAC)

Program Description

The Downtown Richmond and Henrico Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) provide a comprehensive intervention system designed with the victimized child as its primary focus. The key to the CAC’s success is the flow of services through a Multidisciplinary Team, which consists of all service providers involved in cases of abuse. Through the Multidisciplinary Team, the CAC provides a coordinated response in order to improve investigation, treatment, and prosecution of cases of severe physical and sexual child abuse. SCAN’s CAC’s provide: child forensic interviews; trauma focused treatment; medical services; victim advocacy; multidisciplinary case review; and case tracking.

Primary Population Served

Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)

Success Stories

During the 2016-2017 fiscal year, 79% of children and 97% of adults averaged achievement of 60% or higher of their treatment goals. The CAC served 798 children who were alleged victims of severe physical abuse or neglect, child pornography or witnesses to violence, and 525 adults including their non-offending caregivers.