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Children’s Services

Program Description

Our full-time child/youth educator is Spanish-speaking bilingual and works proactively to address the needs of children impacted by sexual and domestic violence,  Our programs, including Safe Dates, Choose Respect, MAP The Way and REACT are evidence-based and structured to empower children, teens and their care-takers to develop healthy coping skills.  Our mobile activity fun bus allows us to take fun, interactive playtime into low-income neighborhoods, church yards and community events. 

Primary Population Served

Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)

Success Stories

From Iris R:I thought that my daughter Marta did not know that my husband was beating me at night after she went to bed. She told me tonight after REACT that the reason why she failed 3rd grade again this year is because she is afraid to sleep at night because she thinks my husband will kill me and she will not know until the morning. Thank you for the offer of shelter, I will be there tomorrow morning at 9 am and I will not be coming back to this man again. EVER.

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