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Program Description

For over 30 years, Commonwealth Parenting has served as the Richmond area’s leading resource for parenting information, empowering parents to be the best parents they can be through education and support. After merging with the Children’s Museum of Richmond in 2013, Commonwealth Parenting has become mission-driven in caregiver outreach through partnerships with schools, and non-profit organizations. Commonwealth Parenting, powered by CMoR, hosts parent education series for special interest groups. These education sessions are offered at community centers in low-income housing neighborhoods, and deliver content sourced from evidence-based curricula. CMoR’s Speakers Bureau addresses issues such as advocating for children with disabilities, overcoming youth anxiety, developing core skills for school readiness, and other relevant topics. Digital and print resources that cover topics such as encouraging early social emotional development, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, building self-esteem, and sibling rivalry are always accessible to caregivers. Finally, Commonwealth Parenting educators host museum-based learning experiences that provide whole-family engagement and educate caregivers about the science of child development.