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Discipleship and Biblical Training

Program Description

This program is designed to point students in the direction of a caring God who always shows us more grace and mercy than we deserve. Through this program, the student will gain a clearer biblical world view and a better understanding of his/her relationship and place in God’s Kingdom as well as a better understanding of why we “do what we don’t wish to do”. Students will learn the dynamics of problems and biblical responses to those issues.
After successfully completing the Discipleship Training Program, a student may enroll in this two year program which expands student knowledge by providing a practical “hands on” experience. This two year program is designed for those who seek a deeper relationship with the Lord, and will require in depth study of the Scriptures to gain deeper knowledge and wisdom as to the hearts of men. Students will learn how to help others bridge the gap between faith and life by giving them hope and encouragement.

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Chesterfield County

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Success Stories

Between 2003 and 2018, 118 students have successfully completed this program and are ministering with CCTC and/or in their local church and community.