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Education and Violence Prevention Presentations

Program Description

“This training changed my life. I think everyone should be required to take it!” Volunteer Training participant Customized education presentations are available to any community organization, corporation or professional group.  Presentation topics include:  sexual and domestic violence, recognizing signs of domestic violence in the workplace, and specialized law enforcement and medical professional training.   In addition, programs for children, teens and young adults that include bullying, healthy relationships and dating violence are also available.

Primary Population Served


Success Stories

Some of the best examples of program success are from our Volunteer Training series. Three times a year, approximately 40 persons complete our intensive 32 hour volunteer training. This training provides in depth information on Safe Harbor, the issues of sexual and intimate partner violence and how to support those in need. As trainers, we witness how the sophistication of individuals' understanding of the training topics evolves and we see significant personal growth in each individual. 

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