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The RSO’s Education Programs seek to “foster and develop diverse, informed audiences who value live symphonic music and music education in our community; to help nurture and develop young musicians; and to advocate for music education and orchestral music.” Services include:
1) Musical Ambassadors Program (MAP) – Small ensembles of RSO musicians perform more than 100 concerts annually in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Central Virginia. More than 40,000 children experience live classical music each year through MAP.
2) Discovery Concerts – Interactive youth concerts that focus on the emotional power of symphony music and curricular themes for grades 3-8
3)  Youth Orchestra Program – Consists of 6 youth orchestras that provide beginner to advanced musical training
4) Orchestra Project – in collaboration with VCU, we have a one week String Intensive camp each summer for advanced players in grades 8 – 12 and a one week String Odyssey camp for middle and high school students with a minimum of one year of experience but who are ready to advance their skills.

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Success Stories

Testimonial from a teacher who experienced MAP performances at her school: "...I feel compelled to write and thank you for providing the Woodwind Quartet in concert at Bettie Weaver. I have taught for nearly 30 years and have been the recipient of many MAP concerts. The concert on Tuesday was one of my favorites! Our students and teachers are still talking about how lovely it was. When the concert was over, the children left with not only new musical knowledge, but inspiration."   Youth Orchestra Program student testimonial:  "I play cello and am in orchestra because it's totally awesome. Orchestra brings a sense of unity, beauty, and achievement. Not to mention that when we are on stage, we ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!"   Teacher comments after attending a Discovery Concert: "It was an EXCELLENT and very memorable experience for our students!" "We loved it! My students are still talking about it!"    

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