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Espigh Family Shelter

Program Description

HomeAgain’s Espigh Family Shelter began serving families experiencing a housing crisis in 1981. The services offered assist families and unaccompanied women to secure and maintain permanent housing. The Family Emergency Shelter has a capacity of 27 adults and children (ages 0-18) and offers services up to 60 days.  Upon arrival, residents’ most basic needs of food and safe living space are provided. Then, clients are assessed for HomeAgain’s services that include substance abuse prevention, mental health, parenting, child development, tutoring, life skills, employment, and housing search. At the core of our services is engagement with the clients and development of a professional relationship. The housing focused case management process includes goal setting, handling crises as these occur, setting boundaries, modeling behaviors and using client strengths. A critical service offered to all HomeAgain’s clients is assessment of needs and referrals to existing community services.

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