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Family Support Program

Program Description

SCAN’s Family Support Program provides weekly, psycho-educational groups for families affected by child abuse and neglect. The children’s groups provide a safe, structured, nurturing and consistent environment where at-risk children can participate in therapeutic activities that help them cope with their experiences and help them develop pro-social skills, safety skills, and feelings management skills, as well as a positive self image. During the adult meetings, parents have the opportunity to build a positive social support system, increase their understanding of child development, develop appropriate child-rearing skills, improve their coping/stress management skills, and identify and alleviate other stressors that can negatively affect their caregiving. Because the program serves children and their parents, SCAN has the opportunity to affect change within the entire family. SCAN believes that with improved overall family functioning, children will be able to thrive not only at home, but in school and ultimately in life.

Primary Population Served


Success Stories

During the 2016-2017 fiscal year, 127 parents completed a 20-week parenting group, which is approximately 68% of the parents enrolled in the program. This is a 175% increase in client completion rates when compared to previous years, prior to program fee implementation of $20. 95% of parents reported in their exit survey results that they were more willing to seek support and additional resources for their family. 91% of parents reported in their exit survey results that they were less likely to use physical discipline after completing the group.