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Financial Literacy

Program Description

The READ Center has developed, in partnership with Atlantic Union Bank, a financial literacy curriculum for low-literate adults. The curriculum includes how to write a check and balance a check book, budgeting, cutting expenses and saving money, investments, identity theft and computer security.

The READ Center has provided financial literacy classes for our students, trained employees of The Market at 25th Street and offered the classes in the Market’s Community Room. In August, The READ Center will use the curriculum to inform incoming freshman at Virginia Union University about budgeting and credit. The READ Center holds a two evening classes on the campus of Virginia Union and this is an opportunity to give back to VUU and their students.

Program Address



Adult Education


Richmond City

Primary Population Served

Adults who need to improve their financial literacy

Success Stories

Thirty employees of The Market @25th Street attended the morning session on check writing. They were joined by an additional five employees for the afternoon session on budgeting. READ Center teacher Janet Sodell got a standing ovation after the classes. The hands-on activities presented during the class, the Bean Game and Vote with your Feet, were well received for the information they provided and because they are fun. Their was also good discussion on “wants” vs. “needs”.

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