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Foster Care Adoptions Program

Program Description

Since 1988 CHS has been helping Virginia’s children in
foster care be placed with safe, loving and permanent adoptive families through
our Foster Care Adoptions Program.  Nationally
recognized, this program provides an array of services that get children and
youth out of the public foster care system and into adoptive families who have
been prepared to meet each individual child’s needs.  We offer a full spectrum of trauma-informed adoption
services, including family recruitment, home study, supervision, approval, counseling
and post adoption supports. 

Program Address





Metro Richmond

Primary Population Served

Children and Teens

Success Stories

Nick was 4 when he entered foster care, having experienced abuse and neglect. Despite his tough past, Mel and Bev couldn’t wait to meet him. After several visits, Nick was to spend the night with Mel and Bev in a hotel in Virginia Beach. When Nick’s social worker brought him to the hotel, Mel and Bev were out on the balcony enjoying the view and didn’t hear the knock on the door. Nick was sure that Mel and Bev had changed their minds.When Mel finally heard the knock and opened the door, he heard a shaken Nick say, “I didn’t think you were going to be here.”  Without missing a beat Mel replied, “Nick, we are always going to be here for you.” Nick was placed with Mel and Beverly a few weeks later and has adjusted beautifully. CHS helped create a healthy family. In fiscal year 2014-2015, 80 foster children worked with CHS towards a goal of permanency. 26 foster children were adopted. 28 foster children were matched with potential families.