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The Community Foundation’s grantmaking falls into two categories: grants awarded through an open application process (competitive grants), and those awarded in response to donor recommendation. Competitive grants are supported by unrestricted, field of interest and special funds. The latter category is supported by donor advised, designated and agency endowment funds.In September 2012, The Community Foundation adopted a new results-based grantmaking framework. The framework allows TCF to not only make more focused funding decisions, but also more clearly measure and articulate its impact on issues that affect our region. The process was informed with input from nonprofits, TCF donors, and community partners to ensure our new results-based framework addresses the greatest needs and is coordinated with existing efforts. TCF’s competitive grantmaking focuses on four strategic areas, with an overarching goal of building a region that is healthy and vibrant and offers economic and cultural prosperity for all of its residents. Our funding priorities include:Educational SuccessDesired Result: Young people achieve in school, engage in their community and are prepared for the workforce.Health & Wellness Desired Result: Community members are safe and healthy.Cultural Vibrancy Desired Result: Community members have access to and an appreciation for arts and cultural opportunities. We seek these results in partnership with the Jenkins Foundation, Sheltering Arms Fund and the Medarva Foundation Fund.Economic
ProsperityDesired Result: The Region’s resources are sustainable and its residents are
economically stable and secure.Grants to religious organizations and nonprofits that address other areas of concern are primarily supported by donor advised funds or designated funds. In 2013, TCF and its funding partners awarded $5.6 million through the competitive grant process. The remainder of TCF’s total grants were advised by a donor or designated for a named charity.

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3409 Moore St Richmond Virginia 23230


Community Improvement


Richmond City

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Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent

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