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Program Description

When it is necessary to remove a child from their home, studies show children need a strong family environment and lasting adult relationships in order to succeed. In 2012, 6116 children in Virginia were found to be victims of abuse and/or neglect (VA DSS, 2012 Child Protective Services Report). When a child is found in this situation, there is a great need to provide a place where the child can heal and grow. Studies show that adverse childhood experiences like abuse, neglect, family substance abuse, and family violence during childhood lead to emotional challenges for children and young adults, including depression, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (Gratz, 2003 via VA Comm. on Youth, Evidence Based Practices for Children with Mental Health Treatment Needs, 2013).

Licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services, our group care services offer youth a stable home and place to grow.

Our group homes include family-style living with individualized, supportive services for boys and girls ages 11-17. Highly-trained Youth Counselors help youth along their healing process with service planning to meet their specific needs. Academic development, behavioral support, therapy, community involvement, recreation, and family integration are paramount. Philanthropic support helps us normalize each youth’s life with offsite outings, participation in sports leagues, and other extracurricular activities. The ultimate goal is for each youth to be on their way to a safe, permanent home.

Program Address

8716 West Broad Street Henrico Virginia 23294


Group Homes


Henrico County

Primary Population Served

Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)

Success Stories

Matt For Matt the “teens” did not just mean a time of life, but measured how many different places he had lived prior to coming to VHBG. In his 15 years, Matt had been in foster care, detention, hospitals, and residential settings 13 times. Brief stays in hospitals and treatment centers created periods of change, none lasting however, until Matt found his way to VHBG where he learned from his Teaching-Parents that his actions came with rational consequences. These parenting skills were shared with Matt’s family and Matt has now returned home to a stronger, more hopeful family system. Denise Parents teach children many things.  Denise’s parents taught her how to run away from life.  She was abandoned at birth and was moved around between various family members who did their best, but were unable to regularly care for her.  As she grew up, Denise always seemed to be looking for something that was missing. The alcohol and drugs Denise used never made the pain stop and started a downward spiral of poor self-care and worse self-esteem. She passed through group homes, hospitals, and detention centers, running away from any placement she could.  At VHBG, she has begun to accept gentle redirection and participate in the family-style living offered in the Girls’ Home.  Her social skills are improving as is her self-care.  Denise’s running now consists of up and down the basketball court and out the door in the morning to get to school on time.

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